academico Ingles 1
  • 1. ….. she like swimming?
A) has
B) does
C) do
D) is
  • 2. The author ….. a new book.
A) writing
B) writen
C) is writing
D) writen
  • 3. He`s …..policeman.
A) an
B) one
C) a
D) the
  • 4. ….. pen is this?
A) when
B) why
C) whose
D) who
  • 5. ….. do it tomorrow.
A) She's
B) She does
C) She'll
D) She
  • 6. She….. jogging in the morning.
A) has been
B) has gone
C) went
D) goes
  • 7. They….. at the moment.
A) work
B) work
C) works
D) are working
  • 8. They have ….. good offers.
A) all
B) some
C) any
D) lots
  • 9. She….. for more than a decade and still likes what she is doing.
A) is working
B) has been working
C) worked
D) works
  • 10. ..... up! There’s no time.
A) Hurry
B) You hurry
C) Hurry you
D) Be hurrying
  • 11. His work was….. than mine.
A) better
B) more good
C) most good
D) good
  • 12. Do you smoke? No, I….
A) no smoke
B) doesn't
C) not smoking
D) don't
  • 13. Check out what I ….. a new guitar.
A) got
B) getting
C) 've got
D) get
  • 14. Hey, can I borrow…. Calculator for a moment?
A) you
B) your
C) yours
D) a
  • 15. The dog is ….. the house.
A) at
B) in
C) into
D) on
  • 16. He’s been taken to ….. detention room.
A) ---
B) an
C) the
D) the
  • 17. …… you French?
A) be
B) are
C) do
D) is
  • 18. We….. classes next week.
A) are staring
B) start
C) will starting
D) starts
  • 19. … .. do you do in the afternoon?
A) what
B) who
C) why
D) where
  • 20. Look at the clouds, I think it…..
A) rain
B) rains
C) is going to rain
D) will rain
  • 21. If I______ time, I would help you out.
A) have
B) had
C) will have
D) would have
  • 22. It is monday. “ On wednesday I ______finished the project.
A) has
B) have
C) will have
D) am going to have
  • 23. it`seveteenth______ May.
A) on
B) of
C) from
D) in
  • 24. The jar ______in India.
A) he made
B) made
C) was made
D) make
  • 25. By the time I met her shee was tired, she______ worked the previous night.
A) have been to
B) had
C) was to
D) has been to
  • 26. Pete has been living here_____1980.
A) since
B) now
C) ago
D) for
  • 27. There is the man______took my money.
A) which
B) what
C) there
D) who
  • 28. She is not a friend of______.
A) my
B) me
C) myself
D) mine
  • 29. ______it`s not only his hobbie, It’s his way of life.
A) swam
B) swim
C) to swim
D) swimming
  • 30. When shall we meet______ ?
A) we
B) each other
C) us
D) themselves
  • 31. When I called, she______some pasta.
A) has cooked
B) cooks
C) cooked
D) was cooking
  • 32. I have a scarf______ matches your jacket.
A) that
B) which
C) who
D) what
  • 33. We______ like to have the chicken salad.
A) would
B) may
C) was
D) had
  • 34. They ______in the afternoon.
A) arriving
B) have arrived
C) arrived
D) were arriving
  • 35. ______you give me a hand?
A) could
B) will
C) were
D) won't
  • 36. My cousin always works______.
A) hardly
B) many
C) much
D) hard
  • 37. If it rains,you______not go out.
A) should
B) would
C) will
D) are
  • 38. By this time next month , I ______shopping in Milan.
A) will
B) will be
C) am
D) went
  • 39. Mary put the erasers______ the top drawer.
A) at
B) into
C) on
D) onto
  • 40. Laura _______ rude to me.
A) is
B) has been
C) was
D) had been
  • 41. “________did you arrive in Malta?”
A) what
B) who
C) how often
D) when
  • 42. Did you _____ the online test?
A) took
B) made
C) take
D) make
  • 43. Wow! How _____ CD’s do you have?
A) a lot
B) few
C) much
D) many
  • 44. Would you like_____ coffee?
A) any
B) much
C) many
D) some
  • 45. I don’t have to do_____ today.
A) nobody
B) anything
C) nothing
D) something
  • 46. Malta is famous for its fantastic_______ .
A) wheater
B) water
C) wether
D) weather
  • 47. .I _______ to my brother’s wedding next week.
A) will go
B) am going
C) am go
D) will going
  • 48. You need to ______ up your mind and take a decision.
A) do
B) make
C) put
D) get
  • 49. .If you want to improve your English, you_____ practice talking in English.
A) always
B) had
C) should
D) ought
  • 50. .I think One Direction is ________ band in the world.
A) more better
B) more best
C) the better
D) the best
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