Zapp (band)
  • 1. What genre is Zapp known for primarily?
A) Rock
B) Country
C) Funk
D) Pop
  • 2. Who was the lead vocalist of Zapp?
A) Bootsy Collins
B) Roger Troutman
C) James Brown
D) George Clinton
  • 3. Which musical instrument was Roger Troutman famous for playing?
A) Keyboard
B) Guitar
C) Talk box
D) Drums
  • 4. Which hit song did Zapp release in 1980?
A) Brick House
B) Super Freak
C) Let It Whip
D) More Bounce to the Ounce
  • 5. Which record label was Zapp signed to for most of their career?
A) Atlantic Records
B) Motown Records
C) Columbia Records
D) Warner Bros. Records
  • 6. Which Zapp album was released in 1985?
A) Zapp V
B) Zapp X
C) Zapp VII
D) The New Zapp IV U
  • 7. Which year did Zapp disband following Roger Troutman's death?
A) 2005
B) 1999
C) 1985
D) 2015
  • 8. In which decade did Zapp have its peak success?
A) 1970s
B) 1990s
C) 2000s
D) 1980s
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