AIC JSS 1 National Values 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. 1. The gathering or coming together of people is referred to as _________
A) class
B) stadium
C) school
D) group
  • 2. 2. There are __________ states in Nigeria.
A) 50
B) 37
C) 36
D) 38
  • 3. 3. The president of Nigeria is called ___________
A) President Muhammadu Buhari
B) President Olusegun Obasanjo
C) President Sagari
D) President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
  • 4. 4. A ______________ is a group whose members share close and long lasting relationship.
A) primary social group
B) All of the above
C) tertiary social group
D) secondary social group
  • 5. 5. Social group can be divided into ________
A) two
B) five
C) three
D) four
  • 6. 6. Family, sport club or political party are examples of ___________
A) normal group
B) Party
C) social group
D) merrymaking group
  • 7. 7. An ideal example of the primary social group is the ___________
A) friend
B) classmate
C) family
D) colleague
  • 8. 8. Physical proximity, similar goals,large size, similar background are characteristics of primary social group except
A) physical proximity
B) similar goals
C) similar background
D) large size
  • 9. 9. A ______________ is defined as a group of people closely related by blood and who care for one another.
A) friend
B) foe
C) family
D) enemy
  • 10. 10. Procreation is a function of family.
A) True
B) No idea
C) False
D) I don't know
  • 11. 11. A family consisting of father and mother without a child or children is referred to as
A) no family
B) extended family
C) idea family
D) nuclear family
  • 12. 12. Polygamy is divided into ____________
A) three
B) two
C) five
D) four
  • 13. 13. ________________ is a form of polygamy where a woman has more than one husband at the same time.
A) Polynomial
B) Polygyny
C) Monogamy
D) Polyandry
  • 14. 14. _____________ involves a man having more than one wife.
A) Polyandry
B) Polygyy
C) None of the above
D) Polynomial
  • 15. 15. The ______________ family is a simple family made up of the father, mother and their children.
A) nuclear war
B) nuclear
C) nucleus
D) extensive
  • 16. 16. _______________ is the provider of the family needs.
A) The son
B) The nephew
C) The uncle
D) The father
  • 17. 17. ____________is in charge of general cleanliness of the house.
A) The mother
B) The father
C) The grandfather
D) The niece
  • 18. 18. Obeying parents,, performing domestic chores, running errands and seeking advice are roles performed by the ___________
A) mothers
B) children
C) husbands
D) wives
  • 19. 19. Parents are a child's first teachers and role models.
A) True
B) Not clear enough
C) I don't know
D) False
  • 20. 20. There are ____________ local governments in Nigeria.
A) 670
B) 20
C) 760
D) 774
  • 21. 21. Which is not true of physical features ? Most of them can be ______________
A) seen
B) felt
C) touched
D) eaten
  • 22. 22. Physical features are ________________
A) those things naturally created by God
B) only human- made
C) only man-made
D) only woman-made
  • 23. 23. These are physical features except one.
A) Lake
B) Valley
C) Tree
D) Newspaper
  • 24. 24. A part of the land which falls below the general level of the land is ______________
A) lowland
B) a hill
C) a plateau
D) a bridge
  • 25. 25. A part of the land which rises above the general level of the ground is called ___________
A) highland
B) lake
C) hill
D) vegetation
  • 26. 26. A good example of highland in Nigeria is ____________
A) Lake Chad
B) Between Rivers Sokoto and Zamfara
C) Jos Plateau
D) Lagos Island
  • 27. 27. A large body of water surrounded by land is known as ___________
A) a highland
B) lake
C) an island
D) lowland
  • 28. 28. The capital of lagos is called __________
A) Lagos Island
B) Ikeja
C) Ikotun
D) Agege
  • 29. 29. Who was immediate past president before the current president?
A) Muhammadu Buhari
B) SanwoOlu
C) Olusegun Obasanjo
D) Sheu Sagari
  • 30. 30. The type of plants which grow in an area of land differentiating the area from other lands is ______________
A) vegetation
B) climate
C) pawpaw
D) leaves
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