Holy Ghost
  • 1. What is another term for the Holy Ghost?
A) Celestial Being
B) Divine Presence
C) Heavenly Messenger
D) Holy Spirit
  • 2. How is the Holy Ghost typically represented symbolically?
A) Sword
B) Lion
C) Dove
D) Sun
  • 3. Who did the Holy Ghost descend upon according to the Bible?
A) David
B) Moses
C) Jesus
D) Abraham
  • 4. What event marks the coming of the Holy Ghost to the apostles?
A) Easter
B) Good Friday
C) Pentecost
D) Passover
  • 5. Which Biblical book describes the manifestation of the Holy Ghost as tongues of fire?
A) Acts
B) Revelation
C) Genesis
D) Exodus
  • 6. In what sacrament in Catholicism is the Holy Ghost called upon with the words 'Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit'?
A) Baptism
B) Confirmation
C) Anointing of the Sick
D) Holy Orders
  • 7. In the Parable of the Sower, what does the seed falling on good soil represent according to Jesus in the Bible?
A) Those who are wealthy
B) Those who hear the word and understand it
C) Those who are prideful
D) Those who are powerful
  • 8. In the Gospels, who is quoted saying the words 'the Holy Ghost will come upon you'?
A) Michael
B) Raphael
C) Gabriel
D) Uriel
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