• 1. He likes to swim. He wishes he _____ near the sea
A) had lived
B) lived
C) would live
D) lives
E) living
  • 2. It's cold today. I wish it________ warmer.
A) has been
B) be
C) were
D) is
E) had been
  • 3. I wish I__________ the answer, but I don't.
A) know
B) to know
C) had known
D) would know
E) knew
  • 4. She wishes she__________blue eyes.
A) have
B) had
C) has
D) would have
E) had had
  • 5. She wishes she__________a movie star.
A) is
B) to be
C) will be
D) would be
E) were
  • 6. I have to work on Sunday. I wish I__________have to work on Sunday.
A) won't
B) didn't
C) don't
D) am not
E) wouldn't
  • 7. I wish you____________borrow my things without permission.
A) wouldn't
B) don't
C) shalln't
D) shouldn't
E) won't
  • 8. He wishes he___________buy a new car.
A) shouldn't
B) would
C) could
D) should
E) might
  • 9. She misses him. She wishes he__________her a letter.
A) would send
B) Shall send
C) will send
D) would have sent
E) has sent
  • 10. I wish I__________help you.
A) should
B) will
C) would
D) could
E) can
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