Equatorial Guinea has a thriving cocoa industry
  • 1. Which crop is predominantly produced in Equatorial Guinea?
A) Rice
B) Bananas
C) Coffee
D) Cocoa
  • 2. Which region is Equatorial Guinea located in?
A) Eastern Europe
B) Central Africa
C) Southeast Asia
D) South America
  • 3. What is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea?
A) Malabo
B) Libreville
C) Bata
D) Lagos
  • 4. Which currency is used in Equatorial Guinea?
A) Euro
B) Central African CFA franc
C) British Pound
D) US Dollar
  • 5. Equatorial Guinea is a former colony of which country?
A) France
B) United Kingdom
C) Spain
D) Portugal
  • 6. Which body of water borders Equatorial Guinea to the west?
A) Atlantic Ocean
B) Indian Ocean
C) Gulf of Guinea
D) Mediterranean Sea
  • 7. What is the climate of Equatorial Guinea like?
A) Tropical
B) Temperate
C) Desert
D) Arctic
  • 8. Which Equatorial Guinea island is a major cocoa producing region?
A) Elobey Chico
B) Bioko
C) Annobon
D) Corisco
  • 9. Who is the current President of Equatorial Guinea?
A) Jose Esono
B) Luisa Baleka
C) Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
D) Federico Abaga
  • 10. Equatorial Guinea gained independence from Spain in what year?
A) 1968
B) 1956
C) 1980
D) 2001
  • 11. What is Equatorial Guinea's main natural resource aside from cocoa?
A) Gold
B) Coal
C) Uranium
D) Oil
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