Giant squid
  • 1. What is the primary diet of a Giant squid?
A) Fish and other squid
B) Crustaceans
C) Plankton
D) Seaweed
  • 2. How do Giant squids catch their prey?
A) Using their sharp beaks
B) By ramming into them
C) Using their long tentacles
D) Using their powerful beaks
  • 3. What is the main predator of Giant squids?
A) Sperm whales
B) Humans
C) Orcas
D) Sharks
  • 4. Giant squids have the largest what in the animal kingdom?
A) Eyes
B) Hearts
C) Tentacles
D) Brains
  • 5. What is the texture of a Giant squid's skin?
A) Serrated
B) Smooth
C) Slimy
D) Furry
  • 6. In which ocean are Giant squids commonly found?
A) Pacific Ocean
B) Arctic Ocean
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Indian Ocean
  • 7. What color are Giant squids believed to be in the deep sea?
A) Green
B) Red
C) Yellow
D) Blue
  • 8. What is the name of the sensory organ that Giant squids use to locate prey?
A) Antenna
B) Statocyst
C) Ommatophore
D) Nephridium
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