Genghis Kahn
  • 1. What was Genghis Khan's birth name?
A) Temüjin
B) Kublai
C) Ögedei
D) Jochi
  • 2. Which empire did Genghis Khan establish?
A) Mongol Empire
B) Roman Empire
C) Ottoman Empire
D) British Empire
  • 3. What was the capital of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan's rule?
A) Samarkand
B) Karakorum
C) Beijing
D) Baghdad
  • 4. What religion did Genghis Khan follow?
A) Christianity
B) Islam
C) Tengrism
D) Buddhism
  • 5. Who succeeded Genghis Khan as the ruler of the Mongol Empire?
A) Ögedei Khan
B) Jochi
C) Kublai Khan
D) Tolui
  • 6. What was the name of Genghis Khan's powerful and skilled general?
A) Attila the Hun
B) Subutai
C) Sun Tzu
D) Alexander the Great
  • 7. Who was the mother of Genghis Khan?
A) Börte
B) Hoelun
C) Töregene
D) Khulan
  • 8. In which century did Genghis Khan live?
A) 13th century
B) 15th century
C) 12th century
D) 14th century
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