• 1. She's _______ university teacher.
A) an
B) next
C) the
D) a
E) one
  • 2. I like _______ small animals.
A) a
B) an
C) every
D) all
E) the
  • 3. Is this coat _______ ?
A) yours
B) you
C) the yours
D) your
E) she
  • 4. Is Diana _______ ?
A) a friend of yours
B) a friend of you
C) an your friend
D) a your friend
E) yours friend
  • 5. Who are _______ people over there?
A) that
B) these
C) there
D) this
E) those
  • 6. _______ is your phone number?
A) What
B) Which
C) How
D) When
E) Who
  • 7. Could I have _______ drink?
A) an other
B) the
C) another
D) other
E) the same
  • 8. There aren't _______ for everybody?
A) enough chairs
B) chairs enough
C) too many chairs
D) chairs of enough
E) enough of chairs
  • 9. They're _______ young to get married.
A) too
B) much
C) many
D) too much
E) very too
  • 10. Most _______ like travelling.
A) of people
B) them
C) the people
D) of the people
E) people
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