Volume Vocabulary
__1. Altitude of a TriangleA. Sometimes called the height of a triangle
__2. Base (of a Polygon)B. A two-dimensional surface on which points are plotted
__3. ConeC. For two-dimensional figures, any side can be a base
__4. Coordinate PlaneD. A pair of numbers defining the position of a point
__5. Coordinate Point of a PlaneE. A three dimensional figure with a circular base
__6. CylinderF. 3 dimensional object with two parallel, circular bases
__7. Deductive ReasoningG. The process by which one makes conclusions
__8. DiameterH. The distance across a circle through its center
__9. Geometric SolidI. The collective term of all bounded 3D geometric figures
__10. Height of SolidsJ. the perpendicular distance from the top down to the base
__11. Literal EquationA. An equation with more than one variable
__12. RadiusB. distance from center of a circle to any point on the circle
__13. SphereC. set of points in space that are equidistant from the center
__14. VolumeD. The amount of space occupied by an object
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