River Rother, West Sussex
  • 1. Near which village does the River Rother reach the English Channel?
A) Rye
B) Steyning
C) Alfriston
D) Bosham
  • 2. Which important monument lies close to the River Rother near Midhurst?
A) Stonehenge
B) Windsor Castle
C) Cowdray House
D) Tower of London
  • 3. What is the predominant type of fish found in the River Rother?
A) Salmon
B) Pike
C) Carp
D) Brown trout
  • 4. Which of the following is a characteristic feature of the River Rother?
A) Glaciers
B) Waterfalls
C) Meanders
D) Volcanoes
  • 5. Which historic abbey is located near the mouth of the River Rother?
A) Lindisfarne Abbey
B) Battle Abbey
C) Fountains Abbey
D) Tintern Abbey
  • 6. Which of the following birds can often be seen along the banks of the River Rother?
A) Emu
B) Penguin
C) Ostrich
D) Kingfisher
  • 7. Which area of the River Rother is known for its association with the artist J.M.W. Turner?
A) York
B) Petworth
C) Cambridge
D) Liverpool
  • 8. What is the name of the common reed that grows along the banks of the River Rother?
A) Bamboo
B) Palm
C) Redwood
D) Phragmites
  • 9. In which century did the River Rother gain significant importance for transport and trade?
A) 9th century
B) 3rd century
C) 16th century
D) 21st century
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