Pietro Annigoni's portraits of Elizabeth II
  • 1. Where is the original painting of Queen Elizabeth II by Pietro Annigoni located?
A) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
B) Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
C) Louvre Museum, Paris
D) National Portrait Gallery, London
  • 2. Which year did Pietro Annigoni receive a commission to paint Elizabeth II for the National Portrait Gallery?
A) 1954
B) 1975
C) 1960
D) 1982
  • 3. When was Pietro Annigoni born?
A) 4 December 1933
B) 15 March 1925
C) 7 June 1910
D) 20 October 1948
  • 4. What was Pietro Annigoni's nationality?
A) German
B) Italian
C) Spanish
D) French
  • 5. How did Pietro Annigoni achieve international fame?
A) Through street art installations
B) Through his portraits of celebrities and royalty
C) Through abstract art exhibitions
D) Through experimental music compositions
  • 6. What feature of Queen Elizabeth II does Pietro Annigoni often emphasize in his portraits?
A) Nose
B) Mouth
C) Ears
D) Eyes
  • 7. Which monarch did Pietro Annigoni not paint?
A) Queen Elizabeth I
B) Queen Victoria
C) King Henry VIII
D) King Charles I
  • 8. For which occasion was one of Pietro Annigoni's portraits of Elizabeth II used as a commemorative stamp?
A) Silver Jubilee
B) Royal Wedding
C) Golden Jubilee
D) Coronation
  • 9. Which art movement influenced Pietro Annigoni's style of portraiture?
A) Dadaism
B) Cubism
C) Surrealism
D) Renaissance
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