ALCPT Practice
  • 1. Don't call ------- at work, I am busy.
A) my
B) I
C) myself
D) me
  • 2. The students forgot ------ books in the classroom.
A) them
B) their
C) they
D) theirs
  • 3. The new course starts in Fall, that is in ---------.
A) January
B) August
C) March
D) September
  • 4. Michael built his house ---------.
A) himself
B) itself
C) myself
D) yourself
  • 5. Dana invited --------- friends.
A) herself
B) hers
C) she
D) her
  • 6. He cooked ------- a nice meal.
A) him
B) myself
C) his
D) himself
  • 7. The meeting is on the second day of the week. When is the meeting?
A) on Tuesday
B) on Sunday
C) on Saturday
D) on Monday
  • 8. You can't sell the house. It's -------.
A) we
B) ours
C) us
D) our
  • 9. I can't find my keys. Have you seen ------?
A) theirs
B) them
C) they
D) it
  • 10. It rains in --------.
A) July
B) January
C) June
D) August
  • 11. We enjoyed ------- in the party.
A) myself
B) ourselves
C) ours
D) yourselves
  • 12. Ali, did you answer this question -----?
A) yourself
B) yourselves
C) you
D) yours
  • 13. We don't know -------- ALCPT scores yet.
A) ourselves
B) us
C) our
D) ours
  • 14. The doctor advised -------- to stop smoking.
A) him
B) he
C) his
D) himself
  • 15. ---------- comes before April.
A) June
B) March
C) February
D) May
  • 16. Aysha visits --------- grandparents every weekend.
A) herself
B) her
C) she
D) hers
  • 17. Please give -------- your mobile number.
A) us
B) ours
C) our
D) we
  • 18. I play tennis every weekend on ------
A) Monday morning
B) Saturday morning
C) Thursday morning
D) Sunday morning
  • 19. Listen to the teacher. ------ will not repeat this.
A) Her
B) Him
C) He
D) His
  • 20. Can ----- go to the party? - Yes, you can.
A) myself
B) my
C) me
D) I
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Answer Key
1.D   2.B   3.D   4.A   5.D   6.D   7.D   8.B   9.B   10.B   11.B   12.A   13.C   14.A   15.B   16.B   17.A   18.B   19.C   20.D  
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