Question Document Examination
  • 1. 1 . Who is considered as the "Father of Questioned Document"?
A) Albert Osborn
B) Calvin Goddard
C) Hans Gross
  • 2. It refers to any material which contains marks, symbols or signs, either visible, partially visible or invisible that may presently or ultimately convey a meaning or a message to someone.
A) File
B) Document
C) Report
  • 3. . The word "document" came from the Latin word "documentum", which means
A) Not given
B) Example and Lesson
  • 4. The word "document" may have been derived also from the French word "docere", which means...
A) . To sign
B) To draw
C) To teach
D) To write
  • 5. It is a document in which the facts appearing therein may not be true, and are contested either in whole or part with respect to its authenticity, identity or origin
A) Questioned
B) Disputed
C) Disguised
D) False
  • 6. . It is a document, which suggests that there is an argument or controversy over the document, and implies that it is already a subject of litigation
A) Questioned
B) Disputed
C) Disguised
D) False
  • 7. These are documents which form part of the government
A) Public
B) Official
C) Private
D) Commercial
  • 8. These are documents issued in connection with public officers' official function.
A) Official
B) Commercial
C) Private
D) Public
  • 9. These are documents issued in accordance with the mercantile law
A) Commercial
B) Public
C) Private
D) Official
  • 10. These are documents executed by persons not affiliated with the government, and without any intervention of notary public or public officials
A) Private
B) Commercial
C) Public
D) Official
  • 11. It refers to a document, which is completely dated, written and signed by one person?
A) Genuine
B) Formal
C) Disguised
D) Holograph
  • 12. It is any form of changes either an addition or a deletion to the original content of a documents
A) Restoration
B) Obliteration
C) Ateration
  • 13. Who is a person that has expertise on the analysis of a result of a very complicated series of w whole combination of certain forms of visible mental and muscular habit acquired by long continued painstaking effort
A) Calligraphist
B) Document Examiner
C) Forensic Expert
D) Gphologist
  • 14. What is a result of a very complicated series of acts, bong on whom combination of certain of visible mental and muscular habits acquired by long continued painstaking effort
A) Document
B) Signature
C) Lettering
D) Writing
  • 15. . It is the combination of the basic design of letter and the writing movement as hough in school which make up the writing system. Writing through use of diverges from the system but generally retains some influence of the basic training
A) Science of Writing
B) Art of Writing
C) Flair of Writing
D) System of Writing
  • 16. It refers to a group of muscles which pushes the pen to form the upward strokes and ease the

A) Elexor
B) Extensor
C) Lumbrical
D) Slope
  • 17. It refers to a group of muscles, which pushes the pen to form a downward stroke.
A) Flexor
B) Slope
C) Lumbrical
D) Extensor
  • 18. . It refers to the delicate way in which the various muscles used in writing work together to produce written form
A) Motor Coordination
B) Normal Variation
C) Lone Quality
  • 19. It is the type of writing movement employed by those with whom writing is but a new experience. Considered as the inferior movement in writing resulting to poor quality and lack of rhythm or speed
A) Wrist Movement
B) Arm Movement
C) Finger Movement
D) Hand Movement
  • 20. When the action

    directly comes from the wrist with the fingers playing but a minor role, which affords more expansive writing more regularly of the lines and considerable speed this is known as
A) Wrist Movement
B) Hand Movement
C) Finger Movement
D) Arm Movement
  • 21. Witing is produced by the movement of both hand and arm with the elbow that serves as the pict of lateral movement and is considered as the most skillful type of writing movement.
A) Hand Movement
B) Forearm Movement
C) Wrist Movement
D) Finger Movement
  • 22. is a type of writing movement characterizes by the action of the entire arm without resting.
A) Hand Movement
B) Finger Movement
C) Wrist Movement
D) Whole Arm Movement
  • 23. It refers to factors, which influence the writer's ability to write, and circumstances under which the writing was prepared
A) Writing Style
B) Writing Condition
C) Writing Habit
D) Writing Activity
  • 24. is a disconnected style of writing in which each letter is written seperately
A) Traced
B) Drawing
C) Hand lettering
D) Cursive
  • 25. Writing in which
    the letters are for the most part joined together is known as...
A) Lettering
B) Disguised
C) Cursive
D) Scribble
  • 26. It is any property or mark which distinguishes in document examination which commonly refers to identifying details"
A) Pressure
B) Stroke
C) Arch
D) Characteristics
  • 27. It refers to the relation of parts of the whole of writing or line of individual letters in words to the baseline
A) Alignment
B) Slant
C) Arch
D) Obtuse
  • 28. Is the cause of the irregular thickening of the in line when the writing slows down or stops while the writer takes stock of the position
A) Line Quality
B) Hesitation
C) Consistency
D) Movement
  • 29. It is the visible record in the written stroke of the basic movements and manner of holding the pen. It is derived from a combination of factors including writing skill, speed, rhythm, and freedom of movement, shading, and pen position
A) Arch
B) Slant
C) Movement
D) Line Quality
  • 30. These are normal or usual deviations found between repeated specimens of any individual hamdwriting
A) Variations
B) Line Quality
C) Consistency
D) Movements
  • 31. This happens when one retouches or goes back over defective portion of writing stroke
A) Retracing
B) Pressuring
C) Patching
D) Shading
  • 32. What is the periodic increase or change in the speed and force in the execution of the wrting
A) Pen Pressure
B) Pen Emphasis
C) Pen Lift
D) Pen Slope
  • 33. It refers to the place where the writer grasps the barrel of the pen and the angle at which he ho
A) Pen Hold
B) Pen Pressure
C) Pen Shading
D) Pen Slope
  • 34. It refers to the interruption in a stroke, caused by the sudden removal of the writing
    from the paper surface.
A) Pen Pressure
B) Pen Movement
C) Pen Scope
D) Pen Lift
  • 35. It refers to the relationship between the per point and the paper. Also, it so the orientation of the writing instrument
A) Pen Movement
B) Pen Position
C) Pen Scope
D) Pen Pressure
  • 36. It refers to the force with which the pen contacts the paper
A) Pen Pressure
B) Pen Movement
C) Pen Scope
D) Pen Pressure
  • 37. It refers to the average limit of the pen during the process of writing and or represents the reach the hand with the wrist at rest
A) Pen Direction
B) Pen Lift
C) Pen Scope
D) Pen Pressure
  • 38. It refers to the relation between the tall and short letters.
A) Quality
B) Skill
C) Ratio
D) Rythm
  • 39. It is the stroke which goes back over another writing stroke, which slightly to occur in other handwriting
A) Forging
B) Falsifying
C) Retracing
D) Oblitering
  • 40. What is an element of the writing movement, which is marked by regular or periodic recure and may be classified as smooth, intermittent or jerky in its quality?
A) Rhythm
B) Direction
C) Quality
D) Skill
  • 41. It refers to the more obvious increase in the width of the letter strokes or the widening of the
A) Shading
B) Retouching
C) Retracing
D) Patching
  • 42. It refers to the relative degree of the writer's proficiency, which is dependent on many factors.
A) Forte
B) Skill
C) Training
D) Expertise
  • 43. It refers to the angle or inclination of the axis of the letters relative to the base line. This is also known as "slope"
A) Proportion
B) Tremor
C) Variation
D) Slant
  • 44. It refers to the series of lines or curves written in a single letter
A) Arch
B) Stroke
C) Characteristic
D) Pressure
  • 45. It refers to the preliminary embellished initial stroke which usually occurs in capital letters.
A) Pressure
B) Diacritics
C) Beaded
D) Arch
  • 46. These are additional strokes, which are necessary to the legibility of the writings, which are added to complete some letters such as i-dots and t-bars
A) Embellishments
B) Rubrics
C) Design
D) Diacritics
  • 47. It refers to any repeated elements or details, which may serve to individualize writing.
A) Hitch
B) Hook
C) Habits
D) Hiatus
  • 48. . It refers to a more obvious gap between letters.
A) Hook
B) Height
C) Hitch
D) Hump
  • 49. It refers to the rounded obter side of the top of the bend, crook, or curve in small letters
A) Hitch
B) Height
C) Hook
D) Hump
  • 50. It refers to extra deposit of the ink initial and terminal stroke due to the slow withdrawal of the pen from the paper. This is usually applicable to the fountain pen
A) Variation
B) Depreciation
C) Change
D) Knob
  • 51. What is deviation on the unform stroke or the lack of rhythmic execution of the writing that is almost perfectly apparent even without magnification
A) Depreciation
B) Change
C) Variation
D) Tremor
  • 52. The following are the causes of tremor, EXCEPT
A) Spurious signature
B) Hestation due to copying or instition
C) Self-consciousness of the writing process
D) Lack of Skill
  • 53. The following are the kinds of genuine tremor, EXCEPT
A) As to illnes
B) As to illiteracy
C) As to fraud
D) As to age
  • 54. It is a writing wherein the writer deliberately tries to alter his usual writing habits in hopes of hiding his identy
A) Cursive
B) Disguised
C) Forged
D) Fake
  • 55. This characteristics refers to those habits which are parts of basic writing system or which are modification system of writing found among so large a group of writers have only slight identification value
A) Class Characteristics
B) Genuine Characteristics
C) Peculiar Characteristics
D) Individual Characteristics
  • 56. Those whose origins are known and can be proven and which can legally used as example to compare with other matter and question. These are also known "exemplars"
A) Spurious
B) Standards
C) Paragon
D) Models
  • 57. What are the properties, attributes or qualities that are highly unusual or which are unlikely to occur in other handwriting
A) Individual Characteristics
B) Class Characteristics
C) Genuine Characteristics
D) Peculiar Characteristics
  • 58. These are known genuine handwriting of individual such as signature and endorsement on canceled checks, legal papers, commercial, official, public and private document and other handwriting such as letters, memoranda etc. written in the course of daily life both business and socials
A) Relative Standard
B) Collected Standards
C) Requested Standard
D) Conditional Standard
  • 59. These are signature or other hand writing or hand printings written by individual upon demand for purpose of comparison with other handwriting or specimen purposes
A) Requested Standard
B) Relative Standard
C) Collected Standard
D) Conditional Standard
  • 60. Relative dates of the questioned and the standard writing or signatures must be those written (5) years before and after the date of the questioned signature or writing. These are known
A) Contemporaneous Standard
B) Conditional Standard
C) Relative Standard
D) Collected Standaed
  • 61. It is the art of attempting to interpret the characteristics or personality of a person based on his handwriting
A) Calligraphy
B) Podoscopy
C) Graphology
D) Etiology
  • 62. It is the name of a person written by him/her in a document as a sign of acknowledgement or a mark that a person puts at the end of a document to attest that he is its author or that he ratified its contents
A) Mark
B) Print
C) Handwriting
D) Signature
  • 63. It is a signature, signed at particular time and place, under particular conditions while the signer was at a particular age, in particular physical and mental condition, using particular implements and with a particular reason and purpose for recording his name
A) Evidential
B) Procured
C) Standard
D) Requested
  • 64. What class of signature is used in acknowledging important document such as will, checks, and business papers
A) Informal
B) Cursive
C) Careless Scribble
D) Formal
  • 65. What class of signature is used in routinely distributed documents
A) Careless Scribble
B) Informal
C) Formal
D) Cursive
  • 66. It is a class of signature used for mail carrier, delivery goods, purchase of equipment and an autograph collector
A) Formal
B) Careless Scribble
C) Informal
D) Cursive
  • 67. What is the act of stimulating, copying or tracing somebody's signature without permission of the former for profit
A) Forgery
B) Disguised
C) Imitation
D) Fake
  • 68. It is also known as "spurious signature"
A) Traced
B) Patterned
C) Simple
D) Imitated
  • 69. What is the type of signature which resembles the genuine signature written in free hand?
A) Forgery
B) Traced
C) Simulated
D) Complex
  • 70. What is the process of forging a genuine signature done by allowing a strong source of light to pass through at the back paper bearing the genuine signature following the super imposed image of the genuine signature
A) Free Style
B) Traced
C) Xerox
D) Simple
  • 71. A signature in a check in a suspected to have been forged. The signatory does not remember categorically whether he had issued the check. The signature was compared with the genuine signature but both were in the same size and shape. What will be your conclusion about the signature?
A) Forgery, no signature is exactly the same in all aspects when compared
B) Genuine, both signatures are exactly the same size and shape
C) Forgery, the signatory just want to deny issuance of the check
D) Geunine, the signatory only forgot the issuance of the check
  • 72. It is a kind of forgery where on the face of the document, all symptoms of forgery are present
A) Traced
B) Simple
C) Bungling
D) Spurious
  • 73. These are sheets of interlaced fiber - usually cellulose fiber from plans but sometimes from cloth rags or other fibrous materials that is formed by pulping the fiber and causing to felt or mab to form a solid surface
A) Rubbers
B) Papers
C) Glasses
D) Woods
  • 74. It refers to a writing material made form skin of animals primarily of sheep, calves, or goats
A) Cotton
B) Parchment
C) Wool
D) Polyester
  • 75. It refers to a writing material made young calves or kids and the term (name) was often used for all kind of parchment manuscripts, it became the most important writing material for bookmaking, while parchment continued special manuscripts
A) Linen
B) Wool
C) Cotton
D) Vellum
  • 76. What is a distinctive and translucent design impressed on the paper during its manufacture through the dandy roll
A) Indented mark
B) Safety mark
C) Water mark
D) Paper mark
  • 77. These are manual devices used to make alphanumeric marks on paper or in a surface
A) Delicate Insruments
B) Paper Instruments
C) Safety Instruments
D) Writing Instruments
  • 78. It refers to a fluid viscous marking material used for writing or printing
A) Ink
B) Pen
C) Paper
D) Water mark
  • 79. It is a tool for writing or drawing with a colored fluid such as ink
A) Water mark
B) Paper
C) Pen
D) Ink
  • 80. The word "pen" came from the Latin word "penna" which means
A) Feather
B) Wool
C) Polyester
D) Cotton
  • 81. It refers to something wrong in time and place. This mean that the forger has trouble matching in the paper, ink or writing materials to exact date it was supposed to have been written
A) Vellum
B) Water mark
C) Anachronism
D) Linen
  • 82. A machine that can reproduce printed characters on papers or that can produce printed letters and figures on paper
A) Elite
B) Typewritter
C) Teletype
D) Pica
  • 83. It describes any abnormality or maladjustment in a typewriter which is reflected in its works and which leads to its individualization or identification
A) Type face
B) Rebound
C) Defect
D) Alignment
  • 84. It refers to any identifying characteristics of a typewriter which cannot be corrected by simply cleaning the type face or replacing the ribbon
A) Original
B) Inherent
C) Transitory
D) Permanent
  • 85. What is identifying typewriter defect which can be eliminated by cleaning the machine or replacing the ribbon
A) Inherent
B) Original
C) Permanent
D) Transitory
  • 86. It is a defect in which character prints a double impression with the lighter one slightly offset to the right or left
A) Permanent
B) Rebound
C) Off its feet
D) Transitory
  • 87. It is a condition of a typeface printing heavier on one side or corner than over the remainder of its outline
A) Transitory
B) Permanent
C) Rebound
D) Off its Feet
  • 88. It refer to an alignment defect in which the character prints the right or left of its proper position is kwon as horizontal alignment
A) Rebound
B) Vertical
C) Oblique
D) Horizontal
  • 89. It refers to an alignment defect in which the character leans toward the right or toward the left
A) Oblique
B) Rebound
C) Horizontal
D) Vertical
  • 90. It refers to an alignment defect in which the character prints above or below its proper position
A) Horizontal
B) Rebound
C) Vertical
D) Oblique
  • 91. The author of typewriter document can identified through
A) Design and style type's writer
B) Individual characteristic of the type writer machine
C) His peculiar style of indention , grammar composition and paragraphing
D) Brand and model of the typewriter
  • 92. It refers to blotting out or shearing over the writing to make the original invisible
A) Preservation
B) Obliteration
C) Restoration
D) Alteration
  • 93. What is the process by which an outline of the signature is produced on the fraudulent document underneath the genuine signature by tracing the outline of the genuine signature with the use of a pointed instrument with considerable pressure apply on the genuine signature and is also known as "canal like structure"?
A) Projection
B) Indention
C) Restoration
D) Alteration
  • 94. What is an illegable form of a writing characteristics by partially visible depression appearing underneath the original writing
A) Intended
B) Involuntary
C) Invisible
D) Interrupted
  • 95. What type of light examination is commonly used in deciphering or obliterated writing and charred documents
A) Infrared
B) Ultraviolet
C) Transmitted
D) X-ray
  • 96. What is an examination made by a document examiner to discover minute characteristics of a specimen that cannot be observed using naked eyes alone
A) Microscopic
B) View Finder
C) Zoom
D) Wild Angle
  • 97. What is an examination with the illumination so controlled that it grazes or strike the surface of the document from one side at very low angle?
A) Parallel
B) Acute
C) Oblique
D) Direct
  • 98. It refers to blackened or partially burned document which must handled with utmost care
A) Charred
B) Soaked
C) Dusted
D) Lasered
  • 99. It is any process in which erased writing os developed or brought out again on the document itself
A) Preservation
B) Obliteration
C) Alteration
D) Restoration
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