John Locke
  • 1. Who was John Locke?
A) An artist
B) A politician
C) A philosopher
D) A mathematician
  • 2. In which century did John Locke live?
A) 19th century
B) 18th century
C) 17th century
D) 16th century
  • 3. Which of the following is a work by John Locke?
A) War and Peace
B) Two Treatises of Government
C) Les Misérables
D) The Divine Comedy
  • 4. What is the main idea behind John Locke's theory of knowledge?
A) Rationalism
B) Empiricism
C) Existentialism
D) Skepticism
  • 5. What did John Locke believe about the role of government?
A) To promote inequality
B) To protect natural rights
C) To enforce religious beliefs
D) To control people's thoughts
  • 6. Which Enlightenment thinker heavily criticized John Locke's ideas?
A) Jean-Jacques Rousseau
B) Immanuel Kant
C) Voltaire
D) Adam Smith
  • 7. What historical event greatly influenced John Locke's political philosophy?
A) French Revolution
B) Industrial Revolution
C) American Revolution
D) Glorious Revolution
  • 8. What impact did John Locke have on the development of modern democracy?
A) Promoted totalitarianism
B) Influential in shaping democratic principles
C) Had no impact on democracy
D) Opposed democratic ideals
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