Basic Reading Assessment A - Vocabulary
  • 1. In early spring we start to look for the tulips we _____ as bulbs in the fall.
A) salted
B) planted
C) diesel
D) rocks
  • 2. Each year the people of Hawaii hold a _____ to honor Kamehameha, the first great king of the islands.
A) process
B) contribute
C) festival
D) recognize
  • 3. Eagles hunt snakes, small _____, and other birds up to the size of small turkeys
A) toxic
B) embark
C) mammals
D) oxcart
  • 4. When my dog is hungry, she _____ every command to sit and stay until I feed her.
A) obeys
B) sidelines
C) pound
D) recruit
  • 5. Lit up by the moon, the lake looked celestial, catching the _____ of a thousand glittering stars.
A) imported
B) reflections
C) wildflowers
D) bananas
  • 6. She woke up in a flood of bright light _____ by shadowy figures who talked in strange voices.
A) surrounded
B) earshot
C) faucets
D) washer
  • 7. Ice helps _____ food because the cold temperature causes bacteria to become less active.
A) overflow
B) floral
C) raffle
D) preserve
  • 8. As the graduation speaker _____ on and on, Jenny looked at her watch for the twentieth time and thought of all she wanted to become.
A) equated
B) fiction
C) droned
D) bombard
  • 9. The room was dark, so dark that even after giving her eyes a while to accustom themselves to the _____, she still could see nothing.
A) cluster
B) distrust
C) blackness
D) smoothness
  • 10. If you put a pencil in a glass half-filled with water, the submerged end of the pencil seems _____ from the half above the water.
A) gesture
B) barren
C) curious
D) separated
  • 11. The first control of traffic was done by foot patrolmen who _____ with their hands before they had hand-controlled traffic signals.
A) replenished
B) directed
C) compiled
D) perfumed
  • 12. The word “igloo” brings to my _____ visions of dog sleds, endless nights and fishing through holes in the ice.
A) mind
B) relevant
C) recycle
D) wrapping
  • 13. The tour guide in Yosemite National Park watched the _____ closely and threatened to fine them if they continued to pick wildflowers
A) vanquish
B) girls
C) perish
D) station
  • 14. Many times young people injure themselves in a single thoughtless lie that results in the permanent loss of _____ of other people.
A) respect
B) movement
C) addressed
D) alarmed
  • 15. When Patrick Henry in his speech against the Stamp Act said, “Caesar has his Brutus,” he _____ the Americans could overthrow King George.
A) quivered
B) implied
C) discarded
D) decent
  • 16. Janis _____ paper, paints and paste and set to work to make her own Christmas cards with a snow scene and greeting.
A) interfered
B) advanced
C) assembled
D) interred
  • 17. Detectives such as Sherlock Holmes always solve the mystery because no one else can break the secret code or _____ the clues.
A) diagnose
B) analyze
C) immune
D) calculator
  • 18. Whoever made the miles of giant, straight lines and the _____ from rocks found on the plateau in southern Peru continues to remain a mystery.
A) pastels
B) disguised
C) designs
D) nature
  • 19. “If you wanted Henry’s truck,” she said, her _____ becoming shriller as she got even more angry, “why didn’t just you buy it instead of asking my father?”
A) discourage
B) servant
C) mangle
D) voice
  • 20. Because of the high cost of butter fats, _____ are made from animal or vegetable fats flavored to taste like butter.
A) resentment
B) wreckage
C) reaction
D) substitutions
  • 21. When Grandfather would say “It takes a heap of living in a house to make a home,” I only half understood until the twister _____ our neighbor’s house.
A) postage
B) octopus
C) destroyed
D) fastener
  • 22. The _____ through the treetops focused on the sparrows pecking nervously in the grass, and left hidden the cat that lurked nearer and nearer the edge of the shadows.
A) chimps
B) nullify
C) piercing
D) sunlight
  • 23. When Joan of Arc was thirteen, she began to hear “voices” which she said told her that she must bring _____ to France by having Dauphin Charles, heir to the throne, crowned king.
A) peace
B) glittering
C) compliment
D) latitude
  • 24. In the wood yard, I walked through a raging _____ between red ants and black ants that were much larger but frequently outnumbered two-to-one by the smaller red enemy.
A) hinder
B) battle
C) antagonize
D) occurring
  • 25. Even though the furniture in the log cabin was adequate, it was _____ and sparse, and much of it was built-in, such as bookcases, bunk-type beds and even the televisions which were set in the walls.
A) substance
B) afternoon
C) contribute
D) practical
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