CCNA Semester 1 - Chapter 3B
  • 1. Which protocol allows a user to remotely connect to another computer?
B) Gnutella
C) Desktop sharing
D) Telnet
  • 2. At which OSI layer does the Telnet Daemon server operate?
A) Layer 4
B) Layer 5
C) Layer 7
D) Layer 6
  • 3. What type of security is built into Telnet?
A) Firewall
B) None
C) Domain
D) Network
  • 4. DNS servers match the human address with what type of address?
A) operational
B) boolean
C) numeric
D) google
  • 5. DNS servers use RESOURCE RECORDS to resolve
A) conflicts
B) names
C) services
D) protocols
  • 6. HTTP and HTTPS are protocols associated with the delivery of?
A) Napster
B) Web pages
C) Limewire
D) Web servers
  • 7. In Microsoft Network, file sharing is possible is possible due to which protocol?
  • 8. Peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent have what type of upload/download transfer?
A) legal
B) swarming
C) simultaneous
D) illegal
  • 9. Napster began as a peer-to-peer music sharing application in a:
A) business
B) university
C) Linux Research station
D) Microsoft Research station
  • 10. The Microsoft Network Monitor assists a user in monitoring:
A) administrators
B) users
C) domains
D) parsers
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