Manche Chʼol
  • 1. What language family does Manche Chʼol belong to?
A) Uto-Aztecan
B) Indo-European
C) Mayan
D) Austronesian
  • 2. Manche Chʼol is mainly spoken in which Mexican state?
A) Sonora
B) Veracruz
C) Puebla
D) Chiapas
  • 3. Which country shares a border with Mexico where Manche Chʼol is spoken?
A) Belize
B) Guatemala
C) Spain
D) Canada
  • 4. What is the primary religion among the Manche Chʼol?
A) Catholicism
B) Islam
C) Buddhism
D) Hinduism
  • 5. Which Mexican president declared Manche Chʼol a national language in 2003?
A) Vicente Fox
B) Andrés Manuel López Obrador
C) Felipe Calderón
D) Enrique Peña Nieto
  • 6. What is the literary tradition of the Manche Chʼol people primarily based on?
A) Historical records
B) Written manuscripts
C) Poetic verse
D) Oral tradition
  • 7. What is the word order of basic sentences in Manche Chʼol?
A) Verb-Subject-Object
B) Subject-Verb-Object
C) Object-Verb-Subject
D) Subject-Object-Verb
  • 8. Which Spanish conqueror encountered the ancestors of the Manche Chʼol in the 16th century?
A) Pedro de Alvarado
B) Diego Velázquez
C) Francisco Pizarro
D) Hernán Cortés
  • 9. What is the gender system used in Manche Chʼol nouns and pronouns?
A) Masculine and Feminine
B) Plural and Singular
C) Animate and Inanimate
D) Neuter
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