A Song of Ice and Fire
  • 1. What is the seat of House Stark?
A) Casterly Rock
B) King's Landing
C) Winterfell
D) Highgarden
  • 2. Who is known as the Mother of Dragons?
A) Margaery Tyrell
B) Sansa Stark
C) Daenerys Targaryen
D) Cersei Lannister
  • 3. Which house's sigil is a golden lion on a crimson field?
A) Baratheon
B) Greyjoy
C) Lannister
D) Stark
  • 4. What is the ancestral sword of House Stark?
A) Ice
B) Widow's Wail
C) Oathkeeper
D) Needle
  • 5. Which house's words are 'Fire and Blood'?
A) Stark
B) Targaryen
C) Lannister
D) Baratheon
  • 6. Whose direwolf is named Nymeria?
A) Robb Stark
B) Sansa Stark
C) Bran Stark
D) Arya Stark
  • 7. Who is known as the Hound?
A) Bronn
B) Jorah Mormont
C) Sandor Clegane
D) Gregor Clegane
  • 8. Who is the Three-Eyed Raven before Bran Stark?
A) Brynden Rivers
B) Rickon Stark
C) Jojen Reed
D) Jeor Mormont
  • 9. Who is known as the Young Wolf?
A) Bran Stark
B) Jon Snow
C) Robb Stark
D) Rickon Stark
  • 10. Who killed Joffrey Baratheon at the Purple Wedding?
A) Tyrion Lannister
B) Davos Seaworth
C) Sansa Stark
D) Olenna Tyrell
  • 11. Which house's motto is 'Ours is the Fury'?
A) Martell
B) Lannister
C) Tyrell
D) Baratheon
  • 12. Who is known as the Red Viper?
A) Doran Martell
B) Oberyn Martell
C) Myrcella Baratheon
D) Trystane Martell
  • 13. Who serves as Hand of the King to Joffrey Baratheon?
A) Tywin Lannister
B) Ned Stark
C) Robert Baratheon
D) Stannis Baratheon
  • 14. Who becomes the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch after Jon Snow's death?
A) Owen
B) Eddison Tollett
C) Mance Rayder
D) Alliser Thorne
  • 15. Who is Daenerys Targaryen's eldest brother?
A) Rhaegar
B) Aegon
C) Jaehaerys
D) Viserys
  • 16. What is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms?
A) King's Landing
B) Winterfell
C) Highgarden
D) Riverrun
  • 17. Which weapon does Arya Stark use for her revenge?
A) Needle
B) Ice
C) Longclaw
D) Oathkeeper
  • 18. What is the name of Jon Snow's direwolf?
A) Ghost
B) Lady
C) Shaggydog
D) Nymeria
  • 19. Who is known as the 'Maid of Tarth'?
A) Catelyn
B) Ygritte
C) Melisandre
D) Brienne
  • 20. Which character says 'Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder'?
A) Tywin Lannister
B) Cersei Lannister
C) Petyr Baelish
D) Varys
  • 21. What is the name of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons?
A) Drogon, Viserion, Balerion
B) Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion
C) Rhaegal, Viserion, Meraxes
D) Drogon, Rhaegal, Balerion
  • 22. Who is the youngest Stark sibling?
A) Rickon
B) Sansa
C) Arya
D) Bran
  • 23. Which character is known for the phrase 'Valar Morghulis'?
A) Daario Naharis
B) Sandor Clegane
C) Jaqen H'ghar
D) Syrio Forel
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