How well do you know Destiny
  • 1. What's Destiny's Favorite color?
A) Pink
B) Blue
C) Green
D) Teal
  • 2. When is Destiny's Birthday?
A) July, 13
B) July, 18
C) January, 21
D) June. 18
  • 3. What's the word Destiny says the most?
A) Tabien'
B) Tambien
C) Ya
D) Okay
  • 4. If you had to choose between Destiny, and a random person as friends who will you choose?
A) Random boy
B) Destiny
C) Random girl
D) Anime girl
  • 5. How tall is Destiny?
A) 5'3
B) 5'2
C) 5'4
D) 5'6
  • 6. What does Destiny likes to do?
A) Sing
B) All of the above
C) Eat
D) Dance
  • 7. What's the name of Destiny's pet?
A) Jordan
B) Layla
C) Sugar
D) Cookie
  • 8. What is Destiny's favorite veggie?
A) Broccoli
B) Cabbage
C) Pumpkin
D) Carrot
  • 9. What does Destiny prefers: Go outside, or go Inside?
A) None of them
B) Both
C) Outside
D) Inside
  • 10. What does Destiny prefers: Chips or Cookies?
A) Both
B) None of them
C) Chips
D) Cookies
  • 11. What is Destiny's favorite milkshake flavour?
A) Nutella
B) Oreos
C) Vanilla
D) Hershey
  • 12. Is Destiny right handed or left handed?
A) Left handed
B) Right Handed
C) Both
D) A little bit of both
  • 13. If Destiny could learn any language fluently what would it be?
A) Chinese
B) French
C) Japanese
D) Arabic
  • 14. What is Destiny's favorite animal?
A) Hamster
B) Dog
C) Snake
D) Panda
  • 15. What is Destiny's recently favorite song?
A) Sober - Dj Snake
B) Here comes the night - Dj Snake
C) We don't talk anymore - Charlie Puth
D) Let me love you - Justin Bieber
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