their, there, & they're
  • 1. _____ house is very gorgeous.
A) There
B) Their
C) They're
  • 2. Every time we go to our grandma's house, my mom rushes to get _____.
A) their
B) there
C) they're
  • 3. _____ short.
A) There
B) Their
C) They're
  • 4. They know that ____ to bring ____ pencils to class.
A) they're, their
B) their, they're
C) they're, there
D) there, they're
  • 5. ____ mother set _____ lunches over _____.
A) They're, their, there
B) Their, there, they're
C) There, they're, their
D) Their, their, there
  • 6. ____ not happy about ____ shoes being left over ____.
A) There, their, they're
B) They're, their, there
C) There, their, there
D) They're, there, their
  • 7. That is _____ favorite excuse to use.
A) they're
B) there
C) their
  • 8. What if ____ going to ____ party?
A) they're, they're
B) their, they're
C) their, their
D) they're, their
  • 9. ___ are many reasons I don't like ___ shirts.
A) There, their
B) They're, there
C) They're, their
D) Their, there
  • 10. I think ____ going to bring ___ bags ____.
A) they're, their, there
B) they're, there, their
C) there, they're, their
D) there, their, they're
E) their, there, they're
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