Basic Science Assignment for Year 7
  • 1. What area of science deals with the study of matter and energy?
A) Earth science
B) Medical science
C) Physical sciences
D) Life sciences
  • 2. These are importance of science to human beings except
A) Agriculture
B) Medicine to cure and prevent disease
C) Construction
D) Killing
  • 3. Transportation is a benefit of science to humans
A) True
B) No idea
C) Impossible
D) False
  • 4. Safety goggles are worn to protect the
A) Nose
B) Hands
C) Skin
D) Eyes
  • 5. _ science studies about the structures and compositions of the earth
A) Earth
B) Geography
C) Life
D) Physical
  • 6. The following are laboratory apparatus except
A) Sands
B) Conical flask
C) Bunsen burner
D) Spatula
  • 7. A moving body of water has _ energy
A) Solar
B) Stored
C) Potential
D) Kinetic
  • 8. Electrical energy transforms electrical energy to _ energy
A) Heat
B) Sound
C) Mechanical
D) Light
  • 9. Coal and diesel are used to power heavy _ in industries
A) Power
B) Things
C) Machinery
D) Light
  • 10. Batteries convert _ energy to electrical energy
A) Electrical
B) Solar
C) Mechanical
D) Chemical
  • 11. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy resource
A) Waves
B) Wind
C) Crude oil
D) Rain
  • 12. _ energy resources are constantly replenished
A) Resources
B) Renewable
C) Energy
D) Non-renewable
  • 13. _ is an example of contact force
A) Magnetic force
B) Electrostatic force
C) Gravitational force
D) Frictional force
  • 14. _ is the thin layer of materials on earth surface where plants grow
A) Crop
B) Earth
C) Wood
D) Soil
  • 15. Which of the following do water pass through easily
A) Sandy soil
B) Clay soil
C) Loamy soil
  • 16. _ is used in making paper
A) Clay soil
B) Hardwood
C) Softwood
D) Sandy soil
  • 17. _ crops are grown mainly for human consumption
A) Food
B) Cash
C) Medicinal
D) Textile
  • 18. _ means keeping our bodies and surroundings clean to prevent diseases and materials that could harm us
A) Sanitation
B) Construction
C) Food
D) Nutrition
  • 19. The following are methods of purifying water except
A) Boiling
B) Sedimentation
C) Filtration
D) Washing
  • 20. _ is a compressible fluid
A) Fluid
B) Soilid
C) Gas
D) Energy
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