7th 2-1 Word Problems
 The lowest point in the
United States is Death Valley in
California. Its altitude is 282 feet below
sea level. Write an integer to represent
the altitude of Death Valle
 A meteorologist reported that in
the month of April there were 3 inches
more rainfall than normal. Write an
integer to represent the amount of
rainfall above normal in April
 A famous mathematician
and physicist named Archimedes was
born in 287 B.C. Write an integer to
express the year of his birth
 In our world’s tropicalrain forests, the average temperature ofevery month is 64 degrees above zeroor higher. Write an integer to expressthis temperature
Day 2
Day 1
 A certain stock gained
5 points in one day and lost 4 points
the next day. Write integers to
represent the stock’s gains and losses
for the two days
 An airplane pilot changed hisaltitude by 100 meters. Describe whatthis could mean
The plain went + 100 meters
The plain went - 100 meters
The plain stayed the same
Can be either + 100 or -100
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