Mumbo Jumbo #3A and #3B
  • 1. Story #3A. An alternate title for this news article could logically be-
A) Police Hunt Down Doughnut Thief.
B) Doughnut Thief Finally Busted.
C) Doughnut Thief Turns Himself In.
D) Cops Buy Thief One Dozen Doughnuts.
  • 2. Story #3A. Why does Detective Vernon Meyer think that Mr. Pottswaggle is the dumbest thief in the history of the world?
A) Mr. Pottswaggle tried to use a taxi as a getaway vehicle.
B) Mr. Pottswaggle tried to steal doughnuts from police officers.
C) Mr. Pottswaggle tried to eat a bunch of the doughnuts before he attempted to steal them.
D) Mr. Pottswaggle, a police offier, tried to steal doughnuts instead of buying them.
  • 3. Story #3A. Of the following words, which is the best antonym for the word bamboozled, as used in paragraph 1 of the article?
A) enlightened
B) baffled
C) bewildered
D) puzzled
  • 4. Story #3A. In what paragraph of the article is Mr. Pottswaggle's crimanal history discussed?
A) 1
B) 4
C) 2
D) 3
  • 5. Story #3A. Of the following statements about the article, which one is inferred?
A) Pottrswaggle attempted his most recent doughnut robbery on a Saturday.
B) The 9th Annual Midwestern Investigators Conference was being held in Louisiana.
C) Mr. Pottswaggle screamed out as he was apprehended.
D) Police officers punished Pottswaggle with violence because he tried to steal from them.
  • 6. Story #3B. What is the antonym for the word trendy, as used in the first paragraph?
A) stylish
B) popular
C) unfashionable
D) cool
  • 7. Story #3B. What literary device is used in the name of the company that signed the band to a multi-year deal?
A) alliteration
B) simile
C) idiom
D) personification
  • 8. Story #3B. Why did Lee Yamazaki make the first of his robots?
A) He was trying to make a robot that could help him learn to play the guitar.
B) He was trying to make robots that could help him take over the world.
C) He was trying to make a robot that could be his bodyguard and protect him from his enemies.
D) He was trying to make robots that could make him breakfast.
  • 9. Story #3B. Which of the below titles could logically replace the one chosen by the author for this article?
A) Robot Band Goes Crazy on Stage
B) Robot Band Makes Creator Millionaire
C) Robot Band Arrested for Murder
D) Robot Band Breaks Up
  • 10. Story #3B. Which of the following statements about the article is true?
A) The band members of Nuts and Bolts might star in their own television show.
B) Nuts and Bolts performed the song Rusted Gears at last year's Superbowl halftime.
C) According to a source at Mischief Music Makers, Albert is a great song writer.
D) There were five members of Nuts and Bolts until one robot exploded on stage during a concert.
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