SC Unit 3 Vocabulary
__1. air massA. a tool that tells how fast the wind blows.
__2. air pressureB. large volume of air with the same temperature and humidity t
__3. anemometerC. is the measurement of how much the air is pushing down on
__4. barometerD. a crack in the Earth’s crust.
__5. cold frontE. measures air pressure.
__6. earthquakeF. when a cold air mass bumps up against a warm air mass causin
__7. erosionG. sudden movements that happen along a fault.
__8. faultH. the rising and overflowing of water.
__9. floodI. a place where different air masses meet.
__10. frontJ. process that picks up and moves weathered rocks.
__11. fuelA. material burned to get energy.
__12. landslideB. magna that comes out of the earth.
__13. lavaC. a warm air mass meets and slowly rides up over a cold air ma
__14. magmaD. the rocks on a hill suddenly slide down the hill.
__15. rain gaugeE. a tool for measuring temperature.
__16. resourceF. an instrument for measuring the amount of fallen rain.
__17. thermometerG. earth material that living things use.
__18. volcanoH. melted rock beneath earth’s service.
__19. warm frontI. mountains formed by hot melted rock that purchases.
__20. weatheringJ. process that breaks rocks into smaller pieces.
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