AIC SS 2 History Exam for 3rd Term 2022/23
  • 1. 1. _____ was awarded the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1832
A) Clipperton
B) John Lander
C) Richard Lander
D) Thomas Hobbes
  • 2. 2. Nationalism is an idea and movement that holds that _____
A) The colonial master should educate Africans
B) The nation should be congruent with the state
C) The British should extend their administration
D) The government should allow citizen participate in decision making
  • 3. 3. The dispute that flared up as a rebel of Disagreement between 2 market women over 5 cowries was _____
A) Ekiti-parapo war
B) Egba Dahomey war
C) Owu-Ife war
D) Ibadan-Ijaye war
  • 4. 4. The Ibadan-Ijaye war broke out in ____
A) 1855
B) 1861
C) 1851
D) 1961
  • 5. 5. ____ was a Scottish explore who explored the Upper Niger River around 1796
A) Richardson
B) David Lemon
C) Mungo Park
D) Richard Lander
  • 6. 6. The capital city of Ghana empire was at ____
A) Kebbi Salem
B) Niger River
C) Cameroon
D) Koumbi Saleh
  • 7. 7. The main source of wealth for the Ghana empire was ______
A) Mining of gold and crafts
B) Mining of iron and gold
C) Beads and metal work
D) Sculpture and painting
  • 8. 8. The reason for Oranmiyan and his brothers raid on their northern neighbors was _____
A) They capture their father Oduduwa
B) They insulted their father Obatala
C) They attack their empire
D) They insulted their father Oduduwa
  • 9. 9. The fall of Oyo empire include the following except ____
A) Restive vassal states
B) Size of the empire
C) Weak leadership
D) Death of the Alaafin
  • 10. 10. Egba Dahomey war broke out between Egba and Dahomey over ____
A) Government power
B) Territorial expansion
C) How to make the old Oyo refugees slave
D) Who to crown as the King
  • 11. 11. The first set of christian missionary to find their way down to West Africa were the ______
A) German
B) Scottish
C) Senegalese
D) Portuguese
  • 12. 12. In 1845, _____ visited Benin with the purpose to ______
A) Joa Affonso D'Aveiro, to evangelize West Africa people about Christianity
B) John boa, to build Africas knowledge in technology
C) Roman Catholics, to educate Africa about their plans
D) John Aguero, to bring Nigeria government together
  • 13. 13. One of the following is the reason for the coming of the European missions to West Africa
A) The eradication of inhuman practices by Africans
B) To divide Africa into segments
C) To employ Nigerian to their various organizations
D) To help Africa fights bad government
  • 14. 14. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was born in the year _____
A) 1829
B) 1909
C) 1809
D) 1928
  • 15. 15. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was a Yoruba _____
A) Interpreter and Foreman
B) Preacher and Educationist
C) Professor and Linguist
D) Linguist, Clergyman
  • 16. 16. Crowther and his family were captured by ______ in ______ year
A) Fulani Travelers in 1829
B) Fulani Slave raiders in 1821
C) Hausa Traders in 1831
D) Fulani herdsmen in 1835
  • 17. 17. Fourah Bay College is a public University in the neighborhood of ______ in _____ country
A) San Francisco in Los Angeles, Germany
B) South Carolina in United States
C) Mount Aureole in Freetown, Sierra Leone
D) Mount Vernon in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • 18. 18 was founded on ______
A) 18th February, 1827
B) 17th February, 1829
C) 17th April, 1829
D) 18th April, 1827
  • 19. 19. Fourah Bay College was supported by the governor of Sierra Leone in person of _____
A) Charles MacCarthy
B) David MacCarthy
C) Charles Dorathy
D) Richard Davidson
  • 20. 20. The first black principal of the University was ____
A) Reverend Joseph Jones
B) Bishop Edward John
C) Reverend Edward Jones
D) Elder David John
  • 21. 21. The Benin traded in the following tropical products
A) Ivory, pepper and palm oil
B) Ship, pepper and diamond
C) Ivory, beads and clothes
D) Bronze, palm oil and crude oil
  • 22. 22. Not long after the Benin contact with the British in 1553, the Oba of Benin started to suspect them of having larger motives, he therefore _____
A) They were punished by the Oba
B) Shut down communication with them
C) Command the Benin forces to attack them
D) They were all jailed and killed by the Oba
  • 23. 23. The slave trade existed from ____ to ____ centuries
A) 16th to 19th
B) 11th to 15th
C) 13th to 17th
D) 16th to 20th
  • 24. 24. The slaves transported to the Americas were sold to work on all the following except one
A) Tobacco
B) Cotton plantation
C) Oil milling
D) Gold and silver mines
  • 25. 25. All the following except one is not among the origin of Slave Trade
A) European expansion
B) Triangular trade
C) European's migration
D) Portuguese exploration
  • 26. 26. The full meaning of NDDC is ____
A) Niger Delta Development Council
B) Niger Delta District Council
C) Niger Delta Development Commission
D) Niger Delta Directorates Committee
  • 27. 27. An organization that represents the interests of various ethnic groups in the Niger Delta is _____
  • 28. 28. The society in the Niger Delta was organized into various _____
A) Ethnic groups
B) Pressure groups
C) Districts
D) Local government
  • 29. 29. Before the arrival of Europeans, palm oil production and trade in the Niger Delta were primarily conducted by _____
A) Community chiefs
B) Local communities
C) Social communities
D) Government
  • 30. 30. After Jaja gained his freedom, he rose to become a successful ____
A) Businessman and activist
B) Influential and great politician
C) Writer and Publisher
D) Businessman and leader
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