AIC SS 2 Fishery 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. Fishery regulation decree was first promulgated in.......
A) 1970
B) 1971
C) 1973
D) 1972
  • 2. There is ban on the use of......... because they are not selective in killing
A) Hooks
B) Nets
C) Chemical and explosives
D) Traps
  • 3. Fishing is banned during..
A) Snow season
B) Raining season
C) Harmattan season
D) Dry season
  • 4. In fishing, land tax is introduced based on.....
A) Total numbers of fishermen available
B) Total catch and sizes of fish at landing sites
C) rivers in the area
D) buyers available
  • 5. ......... are usually out to sites to restricts sale of fishes which have unacceptable fish assessment
A) Consumer
B) Fishermen
C) Middlemen
D) Fishery personnel
  • 6. ........ is an abnormal condition or disorder of body structure and function that affects an organism
A) Malfunction
B) Respiration
C) Disease
D) Production
  • 7. Nutritional deficiencies of essential nutrients can lead to...... in a fish
A) increase in sales
B) Rapid growth
C) Quick reproduction
D) Disease
  • 8. High acidic, akaline water and low dissolved oxygen can cause the.......... of fish
A) Death
B) Rapid growth
C) Quick reproduction
D) Quick attraction
  • 9. To prevent fish disease,......
A) Overfeed the fish
B) Protect fish with metallic object
C) Overstock the pond
D) Maintain good water quality at optimal level
  • 10. When fish is hanging vertically in the water, it is a symptom of.....
A) Labour
B) Disease
C) Happiness
D) Overfeeding
  • 11. A fish pond should be well secured to prevent......
A) Authorized persons
B) Opposite sex
C) Predators
D) Buyers
  • 12. Predators are most silent in the.....
A) Afternoon
B) Morning
C) Dry season
D) Night
  • 13. It is advisable to build a/an...... Pond
A) Shallow
B) Attractive
C) Narrow
D) Deep
  • 14. Remove sick fish to
A) A bowl for quick sale
B) A hospital tank for treatment
C) Kill and consume
D) A sick bed for treatment
  • 15. .......... nets used to move sick fish
A) Decorate
B) Disinfect
C) Sell
D) Double
  • 16. Common fish disease symptoms include all except
A) Emergency labour
B) Bulging eyes
C) Swelling of head
D) Decaying fins
  • 17. ........ can be use to treat fish disease
A) Salt
B) Sugar
C) Soap
D) Sand
  • 18. Records are kept in fish farming for
A) competition
B) Proper management of the fish farm
C) Discourage buyer
D) Boost
  • 19. Log book contain the following information except
A) Pond ownership
B) Size of pond
C) Marriage certificate
D) Location of pond
  • 20. Fixed cost include all except
A) Tanks
B) Sand
C) Equipments
D) Fertilizers
  • 21. Example of variable cost is
A) Pumps
B) Tanks
C) Farm structures
D) Transportation
  • 22. Income statement is determined ....
A) When stocking
B) Before sales
C) When building the pond
D) After sales
  • 23. ....... helps the farmer to track his input and output
A) Fertilizers
B) Securities
C) Records
D) Predators
  • 24. In...... pond, male and female fishes are reared to lay together
A) Rearing
B) Nursery
C) Growing
D) Secondary
  • 25. Poly Culture means
A) One species of fish
B) Fish of the same sex
C) Two or more species of fish
D) Different sizes of fish
  • 26. Adding of calcium carbonate powder to the bottom of the pond help
A) To increase acidity
B) To increase water loss
C) To reduce acidity
D) To increase sales
  • 27. There should be regular supply of..... in pond management
A) Fertilizers
B) Water
C) Fish
D) Medicines
  • 28. Species of fish that can be stocked are all except
A) Tilapia
B) Catfish
C) Carp
D) Soyfish
  • 29. Example of salt water is....
A) Oceans
B) Lakes
C) Springs
D) Swamps
  • 30. In lagoon habitat, salinity is...... during the dry season
A) Moderate
B) Low
C) Disappeared
D) High
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