Digestive System MC
  • 1. These start the process by cutting and grinding the food into smaller pieces
A) fingers
B) tongue
C) teeth
  • 2. When the chewed food is past the tongue, it is called a
A) bolus
B) choke
C) bite
  • 3. What finger like folds help the stomach have a greater surface area
A) Smallpox
B) Villi
C) Ulcers
D) Peristalsis
  • 4. Inside the stomach these are added to the bolus to chemically break down the food
A) acid and water
B) HCl Acid and enzymes
C) mucus and water
  • 5. What happens if too little water is pullled out of partially digested food in your large intestine?
A) Peristalsis
B) Constipation
C) Diarrhea
D) Appendicitis
  • 6. What is the wavelike motion of muscles that moves food through the digestive system?
A) Constipation
B) Appendicitis
C) Peristalsis
D) Ulcers
  • 7. The job of most of the intestinal tract is to __________ food nutrients.
A) move
B) excrete
C) absorb
D) respirate
  • 8. In what part of the digestive system are most nutrients absorbed?
A) Large Intestine
B) Stomach
C) Esophagus
D) Small Intestine
E) Anus
  • 9. How do the nutrients in food enter you bloodstream to get to the rest of your body?
A) Appendix
B) Capillaries
C) Saliva
D) Stomach Acid
  • 10. Approxiately how long are the intestines in an adult?
A) 20-30 ft.
B) 5-15 ft.
C) just under 50 ft.
  • 11. What is the name of the tube through which food passes on the way to the stomach?
A) sphincter
B) esophagus
C) trachea
D) rectum
  • 12. What is the name of the flap that keeps food from going through your windpipe?
A) uvula
B) esophagus
C) epiglottis
D) salivary gland
E) appendix
  • 13. In what part of the digestive system is waste stored right before it leaves the body?
A) small intestine
B) stomach
C) esophagus
D) rectum
  • 14. These two organs support the digestive system by excreting bile and insulin which help break down fats and sugars for the body to absorb from the food.
A) liver and pancreas
B) kidneys
C) lungs
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