Rum and Coke
  • 1. What is the classic garnish for a Rum and Coke?
A) Cherry
B) Lime wedge
C) Mint leaf
D) Orange twist
  • 2. What type of glass is typically used to serve a Rum and Coke?
A) Shot glass
B) Martini glass
C) Highball glass
D) Pint glass
  • 3. What is another name for a Rum and Coke cocktail?
A) PiƱa Colada
B) Daiquiri
C) Mojito
D) Cuba Libre
  • 4. Which soda is most commonly used in a Rum and Coke?
A) Sprite
B) Pepsi
C) Coca-Cola
D) Ginger Ale
  • 5. In what country did the Rum and Coke cocktail become popular?
A) United States
B) Cuba
C) Puerto Rico
D) Jamaica
  • 6. Which ingredient is typically squeezed over a Rum and Coke before serving?
A) Pineapple
B) Lime
C) Lemon
D) Orange
  • 7. What is the main flavor profile of a Rum and Coke cocktail?
A) Sweet and refreshing
B) Sour and zesty
C) Bitter and complex
D) Spicy and intense
  • 8. Which famous rum brand is often associated with the Rum and Coke cocktail?
A) Havana Club
B) Bacardi
C) Malibu
D) Captain Morgan
  • 9. What is the color of a well-made Rum and Coke cocktail?
A) Green
B) Brown
C) Red
D) Clear
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