Force & Motion
  • 1. Who developed 3 laws about motion and the theory of gravity?
A) Mendel
B) Bush
C) Watson and Crick
D) Newton
  • 2. Inertia depends on?
A) mass
B) rainbows
C) distance
D) time
  • 3. Motion is the change in...
A) volume
B) mass
C) position
D) time
  • 4. How far an object travels measured in meters is...
A) distance
B) time
C) volume
D) mass
  • 5. Speed depends on...
A) volume
B) velocity
C) position
D) distance and time
  • 6. Any object that has mass and takes up space is...
A) time
B) matter
C) energy
D) a vacuum
  • 7. What causes an object to move or accelerate?
A) distance
B) time
C) motion
D) force
  • 8. A characteristic of all matter that depends on mass is called...
A) direction
B) inertia
C) color
D) flexibility
  • 9. When an object changes speed or direction, it has...
A) volume
B) mass
C) acceleration
D) direction
  • 10. How long it takes for an object to change position is called..., measured in seconds.
A) temperature
B) time
C) direction
D) mass
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Answer Key

1.D   2.A   3.C   4.A   5.D   6.B   7.D   8.B   9.C   10.B  

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