• 1. Who was Boudica?
A) Queen of the Iceni tribe
B) Roman general
C) Chinese empress
D) Greek philosopher
  • 2. Boudica rebelled against which empire?
A) Ottoman Empire
B) Roman Empire
C) Mongol Empire
D) Persian Empire
  • 3. What was the name of Boudica's husband?
A) Cleopatra
B) Prasutagus
C) Julius Caesar
D) Marcus Aurelius
  • 4. Who did Boudica first attack in her rebellion?
A) Camulodunum (Colchester)
B) Athens
C) Rome
D) Alexandria
  • 5. Which Roman historian documented Boudica's rebellion?
A) Pliny the Elder
B) Suetonius
C) Tacitus
D) Cicero
  • 6. What is the meaning of the name Boudica?
A) Victory
B) Wisdom
C) Love
D) Strength
  • 7. What was the name of the Roman governor who faced Boudica's rebellion?
A) Gaius Suetonius Paulinus
B) Julius Caesar
C) Augustus
D) Nero
  • 8. How is Boudica often portrayed in modern culture?
A) As a Roman heroine
B) As a peace advocate
C) As a Greek goddess
D) As a symbol of British resistance against oppression
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