Represent integer situations
 The lowest point in theUnited States is Death Valley inCalifornia. Its altitude is 282 feet belowsea level. Write an integer to representthe altitude of Death Valley.
 A meteorologist reported that inthe month of April there were 3 inchesmore rainfall than normal. Write aninteger to represent the amount ofrainfall above normal in April.
 In our world’s tropical rain forests, the average temperature inDecember is 64 degrees above zeroWrite an integer to expressthis temperature.
Depositing money in the bank would be represented by a 
positive integer
negative integer
positive integer
The depth below sea level where the Coral Reefis would be represented by a 
negative integer
I lost 5 points. Write an integer to expressthis situation.
During the month of January the average temperature was 7 degrees colder than normal.Write an integer to express this situation.
On 3rd down the play was a gain of 15 yards.Write an integer for this situation.
The elevation of Athens, GA is 636 feetabove sea level. Write an integer for this situation.
The temperature dropped 4 degrees in an hour.Write an integer to represent this situation.
Stan owes his brother $50.Write an integer to represent this situation.
A diver swims 100 feet below the surface 
of the ocean to study Tiger Sharks. 
What is his depth?
Tammy received her allowance of $10.Write an integer to represent this situation.
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