week 7- Matching
__1. debtA. a timely event
__2. exceptB. an aspect of the human brain
__3. excessC. to owe money
__4. intelligentD. this needs to be done
__5. measurementE. a physical trait
__6. necessaryF. to have too much
__7. scheduleG. to determine exact dimensions
__8. senseH. an Italian pasta
__9. spaghettiI. not inclusive
__10. tenseJ. a sense of time
__11. aloofA. not really friendly
__12. contemptuousB. a specialist
__13. eliteC. to not believe
__14. facadeD. strong dislike
__15. gallantE. brave and strong
__16. harlequinF. not good behavior
__17. incredulousG. satricial fact
__18. ironicH. outward appearance
__19. milieuI. comical person
__20. roguishJ. enviromental setting
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