• 1. Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of what?
A) Wisdom and knowledge
B) War and destruction
C) The sun and the moon
D) Love, beauty, and fertility
  • 2. Inanna was closely associated with which city in ancient Sumer?
A) Eridu
B) Lagash
C) Nippur
D) Uruk
  • 3. Inanna is known for her descent into the underworld. What is the name of the ruler of the underworld in Sumerian mythology?
A) Nergal
B) Anu
C) Ishtar
D) Ereshkigal
  • 4. Inanna is sometimes associated with the planet Venus. Which name is she known by in this context?
A) Astarte
B) Ishtar
C) Hathor
D) Freya
  • 5. Inanna's sacred city, Uruk, was located in modern-day what country?
A) Iraq
B) Greece
C) Egypt
D) Turkey
  • 6. Inanna is often depicted wearing a headdress with what signature embellishment?
A) Feathers
B) Snake
C) Crescent moon
D) Horns
  • 7. Inanna's sacred animal, associated with her as a symbol of fertility, is which animal?
A) Bull
B) Hawk
C) Snake
D) Lion
  • 8. Inanna is often depicted holding what symbol of authority?
A) A scepter
B) A shield
C) A sword
D) A rod and ring
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