Exploring the unique ecosystems of Madagascar
  • 1. Which is the largest lemur species in Madagascar?
A) Ring-tailed lemur
B) Aye-aye
C) Sifaka
D) Indri
  • 2. What is the primary threat to Madagascar's unique ecosystems?
A) Deforestation
B) Overpopulation of lemurs
C) Natural disasters
D) Lack of water sources
  • 3. Which body of water separates Madagascar from Africa?
A) Mozambique Channel
B) Red Sea
C) Gulf of Aden
D) Indian Ocean
  • 4. What is the primary type of forest found in Madagascar?
A) Rainforest
B) Grassland
C) Deciduous forest
D) Taiga
  • 5. Which plant is known as the 'traveler's palm' in Madagascar?
A) Vanilla orchid
B) Madagascar periwinkle
C) Ravenala
D) Pachypodium
  • 6. What are some unique features of Madagascar's chameleons?
A) Ability to fly and nocturnal lifestyle
B) Ability to change color and independent eye movement
C) Ability to swim and hibernate for months
D) Ability to produce venom and long lifespan
  • 7. What type of lemurs are the smallest primates in the world?
A) Mouse lemurs
B) Aye-ayes
C) Sifakas
D) Ring-tailed lemurs
  • 8. What is the native language spoken in Madagascar?
A) Swahili
B) French
C) Amharic
D) Malagasy
  • 9. What is the primary export crop of Madagascar?
A) Cocoa
B) Coffee
C) Rice
D) Vanilla
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