Gary Moore
  • 1. What is Gary Moore's full name?
A) Michael Gary Moore
B) Richard Gary Moore
C) Robert William Gary Moore
D) John Gary Moore
  • 2. In which country was Gary Moore born?
A) England
B) Northern Ireland
C) United States
D) Scotland
  • 3. Which musical instrument was Gary Moore known for playing?
A) Guitar
B) Drums
C) Piano
D) Violin
  • 4. Which famous rock band did Gary Moore join in the 1970s?
A) The Rolling Stones
B) Led Zeppelin
C) Thin Lizzy
D) Queen
  • 5. What was the title of Gary Moore's most famous solo album released in 1990?
A) Still Got the Blues
B) Wild Frontier
C) Blues for Greeny
D) After Hours
  • 6. Which of the following is a hit song by Gary Moore?
A) Sweet Child O' Mine
B) Stairway to Heaven
C) Parisienne Walkways
D) Bohemian Rhapsody
  • 7. What year did Gary Moore release his debut solo album?
A) 2005
B) 1985
C) 1995
D) 1973
  • 8. Which iconic guitarist influenced Gary Moore's playing style?
A) Jeff Beck
B) Peter Green
C) Eric Clapton
D) Jimi Hendrix
  • 9. In which genre is Gary Moore primarily associated with?
A) Hip Hop
B) Classical
C) Electronic Dance
D) Blues Rock
  • 10. Which guitar brand did Gary Moore often play during his performances?
A) Ibanez
C) Gibson
D) Fender
  • 11. What was the title of Gary Moore's last studio album before his death in 2011?
A) Close as You Get
B) Dark Days in Paradise
C) After Hours
D) Bad for You Baby
  • 12. In which city did Gary Moore pass away in 2011?
A) Paris
B) London
C) Estepona
D) Los Angeles
  • 13. What was the color of Gary Moore's iconic 1959 Gibson Les Paul?
A) Red
B) Sunburst
C) Blue
D) Black
  • 14. What was the first band that Gary Moore started playing with at the age of 16?
A) The Yardbirds
B) Pink Floyd
C) Skid Row
D) Cream
  • 15. What was the name of the rock supergroup Gary Moore formed in 1983?
A) The Firm
B) The Traveling Wilburys
C) G-Force
D) Asia
  • 16. Which album marked Gary Moore's return to the rock format in 1982?
A) Dirty Fingers
B) Corridors of Power
C) Victims of the Future
D) Back On the Streets
  • 17. What was the title of Gary Moore's instrumental hit from the album 'After the War'?
A) The Loner
B) Run for Cover
C) Out in the Fields
D) Empty Rooms
  • 18. Which album saw Gary Moore experiment with a hard rock sound in 1987?
A) Wild Frontier
B) After Hours
C) Blues for Greeny
D) Still Got the Blues
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