Vikings in Iceland: Exploration and Settlement
  • 1. What is the name of the early Icelandic parliament established in 930 AD?
A) Althing
B) Þingvellir
C) Thingvellir
D) Thingeyri
  • 2. What type of volcanic feature is common in Iceland and used by early settlers for geothermal heating?
A) Geysers
B) Lava tubes
C) Volcanic craters
D) Hot springs
  • 3. What is the name of the Icelandic epic sagas that document early settlement and history?
A) Völsunga saga
B) Sagas of Icelanders
C) Prose Edda
D) Eddas
  • 4. Where did most of the Viking settlers in Iceland come from originally?
A) Denmark
B) England
C) Sweden
D) Norway
  • 5. What metal was highly prized and traded by the Vikings in Iceland?
A) Copper
B) Iron
C) Silver
D) Gold
  • 6. Which natural disaster had a significant impact on the Viking settlements in Iceland?
A) Storm
B) Volcanic eruption
C) Earthquake
D) Tsunami
  • 7. Which animal was domesticated by Vikings in Iceland for wool production?
A) Pigs
B) Sheep
C) Goats
D) Cows
  • 8. What is the name of the national museum in Iceland that showcases Viking artifacts?
A) National Museum of Iceland
B) Vikings of Iceland Exhibition
C) Njál's Saga Museum
D) Viking Museum Reykjavik
  • 9. Which of these was an important industry for Viking settlers in Iceland?
A) Textile
B) Fishing
C) Mining
D) Pottery
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