• 1. We _ at school
A) is
B) am
C) are
  • 2. My English teacher is nice. ___name is Anna
A) our
B) her
C) your
  • 3. I am _ student
A) a
B) any
C) an
  • 4. Josh: Is she your friend? Anissa: Yes, seh ___
A) is
B) are
C) isn´t
  • 5. My brother ___
A) is twelve
B) has twelve years
C) is twelve years
  • 6. Paul and Maria are ____ parents
A) Tom´s
B) Tom
C) of Tom
  • 7. Teresa: ___ is the bank? Emilio: It´s at the end of the road, on the left
A) Where
B) Who
C) What
  • 8. Giulia, can you _ tennis?
A) playing
B) to play
C) play
  • 9. _ you go to school every day?
A) Does
B) Do
C) Are
  • 10. Lisa _ in a office
A) working
B) work
C) works
  • 11. Pete doesn´t _ Spanish
A) speaks
B) speak
C) speaking
  • 12. What time _ have breakfast?
A) you
B) are you
C) do you
  • 13. Give me the pen. It´s _!
A) yours
B) mine
C) me
D) my
  • 14. _ book is this?
A) Is
B) Whose
C) Who
D) Does
  • 15. Leo loves parties and going out. He is very _
A) loyal
B) sociable
C) funny
D) shy
  • 16. I _ take the bus to school. I take it at least four times a week
A) sometimes
B) always
C) never
D) often
  • 17. I work _ 11 p. m., then I go home
A) at
B) before
C) after
D) until
  • 18. There aren´t _ restaurants near here
A) some
B) any
C) several
D) a
  • 19. Tim and Norah _ the same book
A) reads
B) is reading
C) reading
D) are reading
  • 20. Sam has very _ lifestyle. He exercises every day and eats a lot of fruit
A) healthy
B) relaxing
C) boring
D) stressful
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