• 1. The____ domination within the NCNC party brought in a feeling of resentment
A) Cameroon
B) Yoruba
C) Hausa
D) Igbo
  • 2. Bokwoi means____ in Hausa Land
A) Five
B) Seven
C) Nine
D) Two
  • 3. ____was headed by Hebert Macaulay as president and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe as his secretary
A) Bohanna
B) Tiv
C) Mbavessen
D) Tsombor
  • 4. One of these was not a member of the Nigerian Youth Movement
A) Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe
B) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
C) Tafawa Balewa
D) H.O Davis
  • 5. The major trends that characterized the strength of National spirit are
A) The people's protest
B) The presence of an articulate class on Nigeria elite
C) All of the above
D) The activities of the black disaporas
  • 6. The immediate result for alteration of Nigeria was the birth of Nigeria
A) None of the above
B) Democratic
C) Nationalism
D) Independence
  • 7. The reason for the amalgation of the northern and southern protectorates was ____
A) None of the above
B) Economically buoyancy
C) Not ready for politically autonomy
D) Large land
  • 8. In___, the British government almagation Lagos colony and protectorate with the protector of the southern Nigeria to form the new colony and protectorate of the southern Nigeria
A) 1806
B) 1906
C) 1908
D) 1916
  • 9. All of these were brave and courageous Nigerians who resist the British except one
A) Dosumu of Lagos
B) Jaja of Opobo
C) Ovoronramwen of Benin
D) Attahiru of Sokoto
  • 10. In_____, the British took Lagos as a colony
A) 1681
B) 1861
C) 1961
D) 1761
  • 11. The trans-Atlantic slave was the unfortunate channel that first the ____ in contact with Nigeria
A) German
B) Portuguese
C) British
D) French
  • 12. The____ were the first Europeans to arrive Nigeria through Bini Kingdom
A) None of the options
B) German
C) British
D) Portuguese
  • 13. In Tiv society,___ was the head of a unit
A) Mbavessen
B) Tsombor
C) Uka
D) Achowo
  • 14. The____ refers to both the language and founding father of the group
A) Tsombor
B) Idomari
C) Tiv
D) Ogiri
  • 15. _____people as the largest single ethnic group in the middle Venue Basin
A) Igala
B) Idoma
C) Tiv
D) Nupe
  • 16. Achuwo was the head of Aku uka's council of nobles and functioned as the____
A) Chief
B) Head of state
C) President
D) Prime Minister
  • 17. _____ was respected in Jukun pre-colonial administration
A) None of the above
B) Ageism
C) Public opinion
D) Democratic
  • 18. The Jukun people are believed to have occupied the area between the River Venue and the River Ibi in_____state
A) Adamawa
B) Yola
C) Gangola
D) Yobe
  • 19. The Jukun people operated a_____system of government
A) Oligarchy
B) Mertocratic
C) Theocratic
D) Democratic
  • 20. Wakuri was also known as the principal town of the____people
A) Igala
B) Jukun
C) Itsekiri
D) Idoma
  • 21. The______afe also known as the kwararafe
A) Jukun
B) Igala
C) Idoma
D) Itsekiri
  • 22. The traditional Igala political structure was operated on______levels
A) None of the above
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four
  • 23. Politically speaking, each Igala_____was the head of any effective Igala territory
A) Merin
B) Meta
C) Mefa
D) Mela
  • 24. __________is best known as the ancestor to all the Attahs
A) Trodede
B) Adugba
C) Achadu
D) Idoko
  • 25. Historical Evidence exist to show that the territories of the Igala and some speaking peoples has been contagious
A) Hausa
B) None of the above
C) Yoruba
D) Ibo
  • 26. Some Igala elites attributes the emergence of their state to one______
A) Shaba
B) Trodede
C) Achadu
D) Eje
  • 27. Abutu eje sometimes identified a child reared by a_______
A) Leopard
B) Tiger
C) Elephant
D) Lion
  • 28. In traditional Nupe land, each village was headed by the______
A) Zizu
B) Maku
C) Kpotulu
D) Shaba
  • 29. The______Nupe was known as the head of the Nupe Kingdom
A) Atsun
B) Etsu
C) Chief
D) Etosin
  • 30. _____is also believed to have had an Igala father
A) Agbo
B) Trodede
C) Idada
D) Ollegi
  • 31. Egypt was the origin of the______people
A) Idoma
B) Lokoja
C) Igala
D) Nupe
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