Georgia's Executive Branch Quiz
  • 1. In order to be governor of GA, a person must be at least how old?
A) 25 years old
B) 30 years old
C) 21 years old
D) 35 years old
  • 2. What are the qualifications to be lieutenant governor of GA?
A) The same as qualifications to be a member of the GA General Assembly
B) The lieutenant governor must have served in the House of Representatives.
C) The same as the qualifications to be governor of GA
D) The lieutenant governor must be at least 25
  • 3. How long is a single term of office for the governor of GA?
A) one year
B) three years
C) two years
D) four years
  • 4. How many consecutive terms can a lieutenant governor serve in Georgia?
A) unlimited
B) two
C) one
D) four
  • 5. Who determines the governor of Georgia?
A) the senate
B) the electoral vote
C) the popular vote
D) the legislature
  • 6. As head of the executive branch, what is the main responsibility of the governor?
A) determine the constitutionality of laws
B) appoint the leaders of various agencies
C) break a tie in the General Assembly
D) give the State of the State speech
  • 7. Which of the following is a way the governor can use his/her power to most effectively influence legislation?
A) By assigning senate bills to committees
B) By how he/she votes on a bill
C) By appointing people to lead state agencies
D) By vetoing legislation put forward by the General Assembly
  • 8. Which of the following is managed by the DOE?
A) public transportation
B) care for the elderly
C) public schools
D) state parks
  • 9. Which one of the following statements about Georgia's governor and lieutenant governor is true?
A) They are elected separately.
B) They must be from different political parties.
C) They must be from the same political party.
D) They must run on the same ticket.
  • 10. In order to be governor of GA, a person must have been a resident of Georgia for at least how many years?
A) three years
B) four years
C) six years
D) five years
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