Phonics Unit 4.5
  • 1. My kite flew _______ in the sky.
A) hye
B) hie
C) high
  • 2. I need the _______ to unlock the classroom door.
A) key
B) kee
C) keep
  • 3. My friend has a cute new _______.
A) pupee
B) puppy
C) pupie
  • 4. I know a lot of _________ jokes.
A) funie
B) fonny
C) funny
  • 5. __________ you like to go to the store with me?
A) Would
B) Wud
C) Wild
  • 6. You should _________ your hands after you use the bathroom.
A) wish
B) wash
C) wech
  • 7. I found a lucky ___________ on the ground!
A) penny
B) pinee
C) panny
  • 8. Did you _____ the little boy win the race?
A) ce
B) seed
C) see
  • 9. I have to carry my _______ back to the lunchroom.
A) tra
B) tray
C) try
  • 10. You need to stay in you __________ when Mrs. Riffe is teaching.
A) set
B) seat
C) sheet
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