November Research Project Vocabulary
__1. analyzeA. to study or find out the nature and relationship of parts
__2. cultureB. characteristic features of everyday life shared by a people
__3. English colonistsC. people who lived in the original 13 British colonies (U.S.)
__4. evidenceD. something that actually exists; reality; truth
__5. factE. that which tends to prove or disprove something; proof
__6. historianF. a student of writer of history
__7. historyA. a way of regarding situations, facts & judging importance
__8. imageB. a picture of an object formed by a device
__9. misconceptionC. a popular belief that is false or unsupported
__10. mythD. a wrong or mistaken idea
__11. perspectiveE. written, used, or owned by people who actually lived then
__12. primary sourceF. a written record of important events and their causes
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