True False Colonial
  • 1. The Dominion of New England included the Connecticut Colony.
A) False
B) True
  • 2. King Phillip took away Connecticut's charter.
A) True
B) False
  • 3. The Charter of 1662 was given to _______ by King Charles II
A) Sir Loin of Steak
B) Thomas Hooker
C) Lion Gardiner
D) John Winthrop Jr.
  • 4. The New Haven Colony was a safe place for Catholics, not Puritains.
A) False
B) True
  • 5. The Pequot war ended when the colonists ________ the people of the peqout village, destroying their tribe.
A) preached to
B) spread sickness to
C) helped
D) massacred
  • 6. The 3 River Towns were _____
A) Chester, Deep River, and Essex
B) Hartford, Handover, and Hampshire
C) Saybrook, New Haven, and Simsbury
D) Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor
  • 7. Saybrook Plantation started as a ____, and later a town grew up around it.
A) waffle house
B) fort
C) shipyard
D) trading post
  • 8. The historical impact of the Fundemental Orders was
A) that people were free
B) that King Charles II was angry.
C) that people listened to Thomas Hooker.
D) that Connecticut Colony was formed.
  • 9. The main reason Winthrop went to England to get a charter for the Connecticut Colony in 1662 was to _______
A) to trick the King into giving up power.
B) make sure a junior high school would be named after him.
C) make Connecticut official according to the English king.
D) to prove himself worthy of being named Govenor.
  • 10. The impact of King Phillip's War was
A) the charter was hidden in the Charter Oak tree.
B) that Govenor Andros was now in charge of Connecticut.
C) that there were no more Indian wars in the region.
D) Winthrop's head was cut off and put on a stake for 25 years.
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