JTDH Comprehension Quiz (Ch. 5-8)
  • 1. What name does the dragon choose?
A) Smaug
B) Ouroboros
C) Tiamat
D) Fafnir
  • 2. When the dragon consumes this, she gets calm and sleepy.
A) chicken livers
B) squirrel
C) milk
D) rabbit
  • 3. How do Jeremy and the dragon communicate?
A) They write notes to one another
B) They send thought pictures to one another
C) They talk to one another
D) They use cell phones
  • 4. Other than Jeremy, who is the first person to see the dragon?
A) Specimen
B) Dr. Thatcher
C) Mary Lou
D) Mr. Kravtiz
  • 5. Which character, when young, likes to eat raw chicken livers?
A) Tiamat
B) Specimen
C) Mr. Elives
D) Jeremy
  • 6. Which character buys new candles for a special occasion?
A) Mr. Martinez
B) Mrs. Thatcher
C) Mary Lou
D) Miss Priest
  • 7. What does Jeremy discover about his hunger pangs?
A) Jeremy discovers he has forgotten to eat breakfast.
B) Jeremy discovers it is very late in the afternoon and is ready for dinner.
C) Jeremy discovers that it is the dragon's hunger he is experiencing.
D) Jeremy discovers he is craving a juicy hamburger.
  • 8. What are Jeremy's "three very good reasons" for staying home from school on Monday morning?
A) 1) avoid a math test 2) he feels sick 3) he wants to stay home and play with Tiamat
B) 1) remain with Tiamat 2) avoid Mary Lou, Howard, and Freddy, 3) search for Miss Priest's book
C) 1) wants to avoid art class 2) needs to go back to the magic shop 3) wants to spend the day at the library
  • 9. Why does Jeremy rush out during art class and go home?
A) He was sent back home by his teacher
B) He feels a jolt of pain surge through his head
C) He's fighting off tears and feels embarrassed
D) He needs to use the restroom
  • 10. What happens when Tiamat sees the candles burning on the table?
A) She lights her own tail on fire playing with the candles
B) She is delighted with the fire and starts to crawl down the table, but is stopped by Jeremy's thoughts
C) She runs away in fear and hides under the bed
D) She pretends it's her birthday and tried to blow the candles out
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