Amy Adams
  • 1. In which year was Amy Adams born?
A) 1994
B) 1964
C) 1974
D) 1984
  • 2. For which movie did Amy Adams receive her first Academy Award nomination?
A) The Fighter
B) American Hustle
C) Junebug
D) Arrival
  • 3. Which superhero movie did Amy Adams star in as Lois Lane?
A) Man of Steel
B) Wonder Woman
C) The Dark Knight
D) Black Panther
  • 4. In the film 'Big Eyes', who directed Amy Adams?
A) Quentin Tarantino
B) Tim Burton
C) Steven Spielberg
D) Martin Scorsese
  • 5. Amy Adams played the role of Lynne Cheney in which movie?
A) Vice
B) The Master
C) The Muppets
D) Doubt
  • 6. In the film 'American Hustle', which famous actor did Amy Adams share the screen with?
A) Brad Pitt
B) Johnny Depp
C) Leonardo DiCaprio
D) Christian Bale
  • 7. What is the title of the musical film in which Amy Adams played a princess who loses her voice?
A) Into the Woods
B) La La Land
C) Mamma Mia!
D) Enchanted
  • 8. In the movie 'Julie & Julia', who did Amy Adams portray?
A) Julie Powell
B) Julie Andrews
C) Julia Roberts
D) Julia Child
  • 9. Amy Adams received critical acclaim for her role in which science fiction film?
A) Gravity
B) Arrival
C) Inception
D) Interstellar
  • 10. Who did Amy Adams play in the movie 'The Fighter'?
A) Lois Lane
B) Charlene Fleming
C) Camille Preaker
D) Margaret Keane
  • 11. Which famous director cast Amy Adams in the film 'The Master'?
A) Christopher Nolan
B) Quentin Tarantino
C) Paul Thomas Anderson
D) Coen Brothers
  • 12. In which musical film did Amy Adams play the role of Amelia Earhart?
A) La La Land
B) Les Misérables
C) Moulin Rouge!
D) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  • 13. Who did Amy Adams play in the film 'Sunshine Cleaning'?
A) Rose Lorkowski
B) Sarah Cooper
C) Lucy Adams
D) Jane Smith
  • 14. In the movie 'Man of Steel', who played the role of Superman opposite Amy Adams?
A) Chris Hemsworth
B) Henry Cavill
C) Chris Pratt
D) Tom Hiddleston
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