The Monks
  • 1. What is the term for a monk's secluded living quarters?
A) Chapel
B) Scriptorium
C) Cell
D) Cloister
  • 2. In what year did Martin Luther post his Ninety-Five Theses, sparking the Protestant Reformation?
A) 1648
B) 1517
C) 1453
D) 1588
  • 3. What is a group of monks who live together called?
A) Hermitage
B) Convent
C) Monastery
D) Cathedral
  • 4. Where did the Desert Fathers and Mothers live as hermits in the early Christian centuries?
A) Greece
B) Syria
C) Egypt
D) Italy
  • 5. Which monk is known for his famous Rule that governs monastic life in many Christian monasteries?
A) Saint John Chrysostom
B) Saint Augustine
C) Saint Benedict
D) Saint Cyril
  • 6. Which monk is known for the influential book 'The Cloud of Unknowing'?
A) John Calvin
B) Anonymous
C) Desiderius Erasmus
D) Thomas Merton
  • 7. What is the term for the leader of a monastery or convent?
A) Bishop
B) Prior
C) Abbot
D) Cardinal
  • 8. Which monk is known for his influential work 'The Imitation of Christ'?
A) John Climacus
B) Thomas à Kempis
C) Bede the Venerable
D) Meister Eckhart
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