Daniel Chapter 7 - A Vision of Four Animals
__1. a grisly horror—hideousA. lurched from side to side, holding three ribs in its jaws
__2. a little hornB. four kingdoms that will appear on earth
__3. huge animalsC. four birdlike wings on it's back, four heads, made to rule
__4. kingdifferent from ealier onesD. wings pulled off, stood like man, had human heart put in it
__5. looked like a pantherE. huge iron teeth, ate victims, real, ten horns
__6. looked like bearF. human eyes, a big mouth speaking arrogantly/boastfully
__7. looked like lion w eagle wingsG. a human form, arriving in the clouds, power to rule
__8. saints of the High GodH. will be given the kingdom and have it ever after, forever
__9. son of manI. ten kings
__10. ten hornsJ. the little horn replacing three horns
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