JSS 1 Chemistry - 3rd Assessment
  • 1. 1. ---------- defined as a systematic process of making an enquiry about the living and non-living things in our environment.
A) Science
B) Medicine
C) Hypothesis
D) Observation
  • 2. 2. The Use of chemistry cut across improving the quality of life through the following except -----
A) Medicine
B) Space science
C) Pesticides
D) Jogging
  • 3. 3. We have three main branches of chemistry which include the following except --------
A) Organic
B) Inorganic
C) Human
D) Physical
  • 4. 4. -------- is the process of science which involves the sequence of making enquiries about an object under study.
A) Hypothesis
B) Scientific method
C) Science
D) Questionnaire
  • 5. 5. The following are types of investigation to research and develop explanations for events in nature.
A) Experimental investigation
B) Narrative investigation
C) Comparative investigation
D) Descriptive investigation
  • 6. 6. One of the following is not part of the steps of the scientific method:
A) Making observation
B) Creating a problem
C) Defining the problem
D) Forming a hypothesis
  • 7. 7. Matters exist in three physical state.
A) Gas
B) Liquid
C) Broth
D) Solid
  • 8. 8. One of the following is not a physical property of matter
A) Hardness
B) Density
C) Melting point
D) Flammability
  • 9. 9. One of the following is not a chemical property of matter.
A) Flammability
B) Reactivity
C) Ability to rust
D) Density
  • 10. 10. All of the following are implications of bad scientific practices except:
A) Improved standard of living and economy of the nation
B) Increase illness and may even lead to death
C) Can wipe out the entire humanity including plants and animals
D) Causes mental illness
  • 11. 11. --------- under any ordinary condition , maintains definite volume and shape.
A) Gas
B) Solid
C) Broth
D) Liquid
  • 12. 12. One of the following is not a property of metals.
A) They are ductile
B) They are good conductors of electricity
C) They are malleable
D) They are very brittle
  • 13. 13. One of the following is a characteristic of non-metal.
A) They are hard
B) They have low density
C) The can rust
D) They are good conductors of heat
  • 14. 14. One of the following is not a use of metal.
A) For making cooking utensils
B) For bridges and water tank
C) For manufacturing of vehicles and aeroplane
D) They are used as insulators
  • 15. 15. One of the following is not a use of non-metals
A) Decorations of houses, buildings and furniture
B) For handles of substances to protect against electrical shock
C) For making roofing sheets
D) For jewel and cutting material
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