Ko Samui
  • 1. Which country is Ko Samui located in?
A) Thailand
B) Indonesia
C) Vietnam
D) Philippines
  • 2. What is the meaning of 'Ko' in 'Ko Samui'?
A) Lake
B) Island
C) Mountain
D) City
  • 3. Which is the largest and most popular beach on Ko Samui?
A) Chaweng Beach
B) Bophut Beach
C) Maenam Beach
D) Lamai Beach
  • 4. Which month experiences the highest amount of rainfall on Ko Samui?
A) June
B) August
C) March
D) November
  • 5. What is the currency used in Ko Samui?
A) Indonesian Rupiah
B) Thai Baht
C) Vietnamese Dong
D) Filipino Peso
  • 6. What is the official language of Ko Samui?
A) French
B) English
C) Thai
D) Mandarin
  • 7. Which festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm on Ko Samui?
A) Songkran
B) Mardi Gras
C) Carnival
D) Oktoberfest
  • 8. Which body of water surrounds Ko Samui?
A) Java Sea
B) Gulf of Thailand
C) Andaman Sea
D) South China Sea
  • 9. Where is the famous Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks located on Ko Samui?
A) Lamai Beach
B) Bophut Beach
C) Chaweng Beach
D) Maenam Beach
  • 10. What is the national sport of Thailand often seen on Ko Samui?
A) Muay Thai
B) Soccer
C) Badminton
D) Basketball
  • 11. Which animal sanctuary is a must-visit on Ko Samui?
A) Samui Elephant Sanctuary
B) Crocodile Farm
C) Monkey Theatre
D) Tiger Kingdom
  • 12. What continent is Ko Samui located in?
A) Europe
B) Australia
C) Africa
D) Asia
  • 13. Which is the largest temple in Ko Samui?
A) Wat Phra Yai
B) Wat Khunaram
C) Wat Plai Laem
D) Wat Samret
  • 14. What is the main source of income on Ko Samui?
A) Fishing
B) Tourism
C) Manufacturing
D) Agriculture
  • 15. What is the name of the Big Buddha statue in Ko Samui?
A) Wat Samret
B) Wat Plai Laem
C) Wat Khunaram
D) Wat Phra Yai
  • 16. Which Buddhist temple houses a mummified monk on Ko Samui?
A) Wat Plai Laem
B) Wat Phra Yai
C) Wat Khunaram
D) Wat Samret
  • 17. What is the popular souvenir to buy from Ko Samui?
A) Handmade Jewelry
B) Coconut Products
C) Wooden Masks
D) Silk Scarves
  • 18. What is the official religion of Ko Samui?
A) Christianity
B) Islam
C) Hinduism
D) Buddhism
  • 19. In which province is Ko Samui located?
A) Chiang Mai
B) Surat Thani
C) Phuket
D) Krabi
  • 20. Which waterfall in Ko Samui is a popular attraction for visitors?
A) Hin Lad Waterfall
B) Na Muang Waterfall
C) Tan Rua Waterfall
D) Namuang Waterfall 2
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