19th century
  • 1. During the sojourns around Europe who was the accompany of Rizal?
A) Andres Bonifacio
B) Maxino Viola
D) Alexander Dumans
  • 2. The colonial government create the
A) Guardia Civil
B) Ilustrados
C) Brigandage
D) Urbanization
E) Cofradia
  • 3. This new movement
A) Laliga Filipino
B) Ilustrados
C) Reform and Propaganda
D) Cadiz
  • 4. Who fought for equal rights among clergy in 1860s
A) Mariano Gomez
B) Jose Burgos
C) Jacinto Zamora
  • 5. What year establish the la Liga Filipino
A) 1892
B) 1869
C) 1872
D) 1861
  • 6. What BABAKNANGS means?
A) Poor in the provinces
B) Marginalized sectors
C) Elites in the provinces
  • 7. Provided a brief legal justification for the quest equality.
A) Carlist War
B) Cofradia de San Jose
C) Cadiz constitution in 1812
D) Guardia Civil
  • 8. In the Tagalog areas increasing______
A) Robbing, kidnappings and pillaging.
B) Brigandage
C) Tulisanes
D) Hold up
E) Discriminating
  • 9. Fellow propagandists.
A) Deodato Arellano, Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo.
B) Antonio Luna, Jose Alejandro, Marcelo del Pilar, Ferdinand Blumentrit
C) Maximo Viola, Andres Bonifacio, Juan Luna , Emilio Aguinaldo, Jose Alejandro
D) Apolinario Mabini, Jose Rizal, Teresa Magbanua, Marcelo Del Pilar
  • 10. Founder of La Liga Filipina.
A) Apolinario Mabini
B) Jose Rizal
C) Antonio Luna
D) Andres Bonifacio
E) Melchora Aquino
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